I c** in my wife without her knowing!!!

Me and my wife have 5 children and I have planted all the seeds without her knowledge or consent. My favorite was when she already had Abe of our children and we were going to use the pullout method. Never pulled out until after I came. One time when she was on top, I told her that I was close to coming and she didn't get off quick enough so I threw her off violently! She was immediately quiet and rubbed my chest afterwards and apologized quietly. It wasn't that I didn't want to come inside her. I had to keep up the illusion that I didn't want to do that!!!

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  • Have fun looking after kids.......

  • Look, e********** into a v***** is what a man is supposed to do.. I'll never understand what part of that society doesn't comprehend.. What society is doing is what baffles me.. Withdrawing the P**** prior to e**********, using rubbers, etc.. Look, it's so easy ; you put the dame on the Pill & just copulate.. Nothing difficult here.. I wasn't absent for any classes.. What the blaze is going on??

  • Keep cuming in that s***

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