Made a s** slave

I am a 37 year old male, 6ft 1in with a hard boby, I work out three times a week, endowed with a 9in p****. I have an electronics company. I was looking for a housekeeper & a friend told me about this private company where you pick out your housekeeper, he said I would not be sorry! Well I made an appointment & went to this office & filled out my life history!!!I was then given a portfolio to look for a suitable housekeeper, I found a petite red head with a great figure & perky small breast, then I was shown a book with costumes that I could pick out for her to wear, I picked a french maid outfit, low cut top & very short skirt, the gal who was helping me asked if I had any other requirements, I said well it would be very sexy if she did not wear panties or a bra, she said that could be arranged but would cost a little more, at this point I was so hot that that was OK!! Well she has been working for me now over a month & every time I watch her work I get an erection, she is so hot!Sorry for all the details, anyway it was a morning she was not suppose to be at the house. I woke up very horney, I sleep in the nude, went to my office, found a p*** video & put on my head phones got my uberlube & was j********** enjoying the video when I felt there was someone watching me, I turned around in the chair with this big erection, & there stood Ericka, my housekeeper!! I said what are you doing here? She smiled & said she had to change days with another girl & that'swhen I noticed the Ipad in her hand! She said she had some very good pictures of me & if I did'nt want them sent to all my customers I would do exactly what she ordered me to do! I was caught so I said I would do whatever she wanted. She said that's a good boy, now get on your knees & crawl over here as she sat on the edge of a chair & spread her legs to reveal her shaved p****, she said now eat me out slave!!! From that day on I was nude when I got home, wore a chastity devise on my p**** & b****, she would have girl friends over to use me however they wanted, most wanted to f*** me in the ass & have me eat their p****** . Ericka loved to remove my chastity devise so her friends can play with my c*** & milk me, now I'mthe one wearing the french maid outfit with no under pants & doing the house work While Ericka & her friends watch & pull my skirt up to stick a d**** up my ass & f*** me!!!!!!!!!829Z

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