I Am Not Having Anymore S** with My Husband

I gave him forty-years of s**, but his age, health, obesity, and prescription medications have caused him to become impotent. I am sick of him trying to stick his little limp p**** in my v*****. He is one of those men whose p**** is small when flaccid, but would grow a lot with an erection. He has seen his doctor to have his testosterone level tested and it is on the low end of normal. He was prescribed V*****, but the pills don't help much and he doesn't like how they make him feel, so he doesn't take them. He has always given me lots of oral s** in our marriage and thinks that's all I need to be satisfied now that he cannot get an erection. He likes kissing my backside more than my face. I don't understand his oral obsession because I never give him oral s** and I don't even like touching his p****. I told him s** isn't satisfying anymore without penial penetration. I do allow him to insert a finger in my v***** during oral s**, but he is forbidden from using any d**** or foreign object in me. He can make me o***** orally when I am in the mood, but when it is his turn to finish he tires rubbing his little soft p**** on my leg or foot until he e*********. Sometimes it takes him a long time to e******** and I just want him to finish quickly and get it over with, so I'll move away and inform him I had enough of his rubbing. Right now he is sulking around the house because he has an impotent p**** and I don't want anymore pitiful s** with him. S**, without intercourse, no longer amounts to anything for me. I told him he can use my panties from the laundry hamper to m********* if he needs to, as long as I am not around, since I have caught him doing it before.

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  • My wife has turned into a pity s** giver. She feels very sorry for guys who are deprived from s**. For example during the funeral of one of the partners of the firm she works for she confessed they had s** in the hospital room when she visited him. For example the husband of her friend is impotent but only gets an erection 30 minutes after an injection which his wife is not willing to wait so she cheats on him, well my wife confessed she told him she would wait and they had s** in their bedroom while his wife and I finish the dishes after a Sunday dinner at their place.

  • The "low end of normal" would be fine if the laboratory was sick. Treating the lab when your husband has frank symptoms is ridiculous. Given no further information concerning his other conditions, I can only say that you should seek a second opinion and get him a gym membership and a personal trainer -initially, having a trainer every session might seem expensive but it will pay off when you start seeing results- and tell him that you miss his "grower" throbbing inside you -for motivation- and keep him from masturbating but walk around naked or in stockings etc... tease him a bit (works better if you edge so that he smells your arousal) but don't let him touch anything for more than a minute or so. The idea is to get him from where he is right now to where you want him to be 6 months from now; take his "in sickness" and turn it into "in health".

  • With an attitude like yours I bet your causing the problems he's having.

    I bet he would be rock hard with someone else.

  • My advice is to get a young lover on the side. That is what I have done, they are not interested in marrying you and they are good lovers and appreciate the opportunity, especially college guys, who need relief and nothing else until they finish college.

  • You really f***** up. You should be grateful that he tries to sexual please your ungrateful ass!!

  • What if you came down with cancer?

  • Cancer would be an even better reason for not having to satisfy him sexually.

  • Want to f*** me 20m

  • No thanks.

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