My bbc g*******

Ok so i was 17 at the time, just lost my virginity a few months back and me n my bf wernt actaully together at the time although we wer f******, but i was on a few chat sites online and was h**** as f***, got chatting to this black guy from london who was in his mid twentys, anyway in the chats he would tell me how hed love to see me g******* with some his buddys, as i was h**** as f*** i agreed but said id s*** him n if i like it he can invite two his buddys, also i was insistate that eveeyone wore condoms as i wasnt on any birth control, so i caught train to london, dressed up in nice white halterneck, jeans wide a big wide belt, and borrowed a pair my mums leather boots, too much nake up and bug hoopy earings, he met me n we went back to his grotty flat and he f***** me on his own, bareback on his couch, first bare c*** in me n it was black! he came inside me too, (my first creampie) we did some stuff n then he asked shall he invute his mates over, i said yes and assuming it was only two, 6 older guys turned up, all black, all built n stocky compared to me, (size 10 back then and 5ft 4 ) high as f*** n h**** as ever they strippes me doqn to just my boots and belt and i began sucking their c**** one by one before it turnes into them f****** my mouth n cheeks, these black cocka were massive compared to what i was use to and before long i was getting f***** at ether end, bareback and really hard, i did more lines, and before long i lost my a*** virginity to one of the guys as they uses me as a totel fucktoy, the s** was very rough and i took it in all holes repeatedly, no protection, them holding onto my belt round my waist using it as a handle as they f***** me, they slapped me, spat at me, called me names and i loves every minite of it! i came three time before the first guy did, i dis ask them origanaly to not c** inside my p**** but as the first guy alreasy had, they chanted that ibwas a white w**** that needed to b breed! soon after inwas begging them to c** in me! i took all 7 cuming inside my unprotected p****, and after a break they all startes f****** me again with some cuming in my ass and others pushing their c*** in my throat to shoot their load. after we atopped for food n they asked mw if i wanted it again, and dispite being sore i did and they all f***** me again, this time not as long and not all of them but they all came on my face just beforw kicking me out n pointing me in the direction of the train station! i may have been unaure id inenjoyed it at the time but i always think back on it with a smile!

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  • Did you ever repeat it? have any ither g********?

  • Did i read that u did lines? doin coke?

  • Yea...was a tad wild! high on coke and black c*** lol

  • Think someone was p***** off with daddy? was daddy abit racist?

  • No daddy was not racist! my bf is though.....

  • That is so hot! what would he say if he found out?

  • Found out?

  • What if he found out his girlfriend got f***** raw by 7 black guys and used me like a peice of meat to f***? he prob would wana ever touch me again

  • When u need to try something new, message me on

  • 7 black men pump their seed inside your fertile young womb? you must have fell pregnant?

  • No actaully, not for lack if trying thou! i was very lucky n so glad i came on a week later lol

  • At 17 years old you had 7 black men in their 20s take turns having s** with you? double pen you? and ejactulate inside you? with no condoms or birth control of any kind?

  • No, nothing! not a single condoms and i wasnt on the pill or anything! yea the first time i had two of them slide in me i thought i was guna rip in half! didnt take long but once they had a rythem i was amazing! yea i know i was very young and fragile but they broke me good!

  • Your the best girl ever messages me

  • Did you have any war wound? slap marks? bites and hiccys?

  • Yea i did, had hiccys between my legs, on my neck, on my b****, my ass cheeks wer red raw not to mention i had a sore a****** and p**** for about a week

  • Describe your mummys boots to me suger and describe yourself?

  • My mums boots are black, size 5 block heeled knee high leather boots with buckle on the side, even now she still has them, as they dont fit me anymore :( me? i have dark hair and back then, i had it in a ponytail, 36c b**** back then, size 10 were as now a 12-14,

  • Do you remember everytime you see them? wonder what mummy would think?

  • Yea just the other day my mum came round wearing them and i said they are getting old, she said "these boots have seen it all" imside i was thinking..."you have no idea"

  • Sounds like you loved every min of it, had your boyfriend been the only d*** you had before that? and more inportantly did they dp you?

  • Yea that day i had my 2nd, 3rd, 4,5,6,7 and 8th d*** if my life lol never saw then again after that day, and yes they did "DP" me!

  • You got my c*** so hard woow did you like dp

  • Yes!! felt like i was guna rip to start but once they started pumping i f****** love it! make me cun really really hard!

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