Strip club bathroom

So I'm at a strip club taking a p*** after a few beers. I'm a little drunk and I look over and there's an older black guy, maybe 50, I'm 34, and he's also p******. I just saw him getting a lap dance and I notice his c*** is massive. I keep looking at it out of the corner of my eye but I'm not gay. He looks over and laughs and says guys look at his c*** at the urinal all the time. So he asks if I want to j*** off with him in one of the disgusting bathroom stalls. I say no. He opens the stall door and says come on, it's no big deal. I go in, no idea why, heart beating out of my chest. He pulls his huge c*** out and starts jerking. I do nothing and he reaches over and puts my hand on his c*** and does a jerking motion. I keep jerking his d***. He laughs and puts his massive hand on my shoulder and moves me to my knees. He then backs me slowly to the side of the stall. He then puts one hand on the top of the stall and with the other he eases his c*** into my mouth. After about a minute of f****** my mouth, he starts to c** and it surprises me. The first couple of shots I had no choice but to swallow. I then pull his c*** out of my mouth but he keeps c******, on my face and shirt and tie. He then finishes, puts his c*** away and leaves the club.
I saw him a few times after that and each time he follows me into the bathroom. He always says we've already done this once, so what's the harm in continuing. I have blown him three more times. I feel dirty and excited at the same time. I have a fiancé and she's beautiful. I don't know if I should just keep this a secret or tell her? I'm afraid he'll tell someone if I stop.

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  • Three weeks ago at a rest stop the same thing happened to me but I complemented him on the size of his c*** and he said you ought to see it when it's hard as a rock and I said I'd love to. We went into the last stall and he dropped his pants and I took his c*** into my hands and began stroking him and he grew and grew till he was hard as a rock and he was starting to f*** my hand and pressing himself against my hip. I didn't know he slipped my sweats down and he turned me around and slid his hard c*** between my legs and slid his c*** back and forth rubbing himself against my a*** and started in pressing himself harder and harder against me gaining entry he bent me over and I couldn't believe I was taking all of him in me and a few minutes later he pumped his sperm into me and kept f****** he pulled me tight against him and held himself in me for another five minutes and someone else came in and left and we remained still and he still had me on his hard c*** then he started in f****** me deep and hard and I thought I was about to c** and he did again and just as that same moment I shot my load all over the toilet. God what a f****** he gave me and I told him so and he said he was in town about every two weeks for the day and asked if I would like to get together with him again and I said yes any time and I gave him my cell number and gave him directions to my house which was right near where he had to go.
    He said thanks and left and I went home.
    Yesterday he showed up and we got together again 3 times and each time he filled my ass with his c** and as he was f****** me the last time before he had to leave he told me to think of a 13 incher f****** you and asked if I liked it and I said yes and then just as he c** he asked if I wanted it and I said yes. After he left all I could think of is why was he asking me that and imagining a 13 incher f****** me and I got hard all over again.

  • This post made me start jerking my c***. Suck him dry and let him f*** your ass! Don't tell your fiancé though!

  • God i bet his c*** is so good

  • Keep sucking that BBC like the h**** lil c***-b**** you are... It's all good man!

  • Do not tell her.

  • I would let him make me his b****, shot that load in my ass and I would sick his cocktail clean after

  • Omg thats soooo f****** hot! Ive fantasized about a lot and im so jealous and envious at the same time.. That sounds so good!

  • I wanna blow him with you.... Where you from? ??

  • God I've been dreaming about the two of you and of the possibility of doing both of you and being done by both of you. I live in Mississippi along the coast area. I confess that I have come back here and read your story multiple times, and each time I j*** off. Then at home at night I close my eyes in bed and stroke it thinking of the two of you guys taking turns deep-stroking my a******. My guess is that both of you have mad stroke game. My wife has no idea that I'm having these feelings. (I've never done anything like this before, but the possibility of it actually happening thrills me to no end. I actually want your c*** in my mouth, and his c*** in my ass. And then I want the two of you to trade places. And then trade again. I want to be the b**** for both of you.)

  • I would drive all night to get all three of you guys in my mouth. And in my ass.

  • Dont tell her

  • Thanks.

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