Little d****, little t*** and tight a****.

My wife and I have not had s** in a while for many 'medical' reasons. Now that my health is back on track, it seems that what I want sexually is totally different then the last time her and I had s**...over five years ago.

Lately I have been more interested in different kinds of s**. I like watching people, not having s** so much as seeing them naked or showing off their b****, p**** or c***. Male or female, doesn't matter to me. After all, I am just looking.

Recently though I have been wanting to try some different s**. I would love to have a threesome with her and another male. I want to see her suck and f*** another c***. To see it dripping at the corners of her mouth, leaking out her p**** or ass.

I want her to dress me up in nothing but a pair of panties. Tie me up and make me watch. I want to be under her, with her golden clam over my mouth/face while she is being f***** doggie style. I want to see his c*** slamming in and out of her soaking wet c****** p****. I want her to settle that over-flowing c** pot on my face and to be made to lick and suck his load out of her p****.

I want her to make me f*** her p**** while it is still full of his c**.

I want her to make me suck his c*** and swallow his load.

Most of all, I want her to push my panties to the side and slide her strap on d**** in my ass and f*** me while I am forced to suck his c*** to completion. Swallowing every load. I want her to spread her legs and grab my head of hair and pull me to her center, c** - p*** - or p**** juice. Feed it to me. Just as she starts to c**, she allows her other man to enter my ass and f*** me long and hard until I c** from over stimulating my prostate.

Is this normal? Anyone else do this?

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  • That is the hottest post i've ever read on here. I hope you get all of it. If you need a third maybe I can help out. The only thing that could make this hotter is videoing the whole thing .

  • I've also have this fantasy. I love the idea of having to lay beneath her and watch his c*** thrusting into her till he empties a huge load inside her. I would love to have to eat all of his fresh s**** from my wife's c*** when she plants her p**** down h****** my face, while they passionately hug and kiss above me. Then have her make me lick his c*** clean and later make me suck him hard to f*** her again while they continue passionately kissing. I would eventually become their sexual clean up slave. It would be my duty to clean up every mess he makes in or on her as well as his c*** and b****. Even a******. I'd do anything for them at anytime of day or night and he would know that my wife is always there for the taking.

  • This is f****** hot! I'm
    About to c** fantasing as I too want to do all of this! I want to be a sissy cuckold to my wife's friends, then go home and have to live with this dirty secret

  • Lol wowwwww this is quite dirty

  • Lol wowwwww

  • That is awesome... I'm 47 and have the same feelings... My taste in s** has changed significantly over the past few years. Wife is pretty straight and not into that sort of thing so I'm about to meet my first guy and start playing with that... Emphasis on start as once the floodgates are open I'm not sure where it will lead...

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