Blond sexy teacher

I am in high school male and my hormones rage in my english class. I have a sexy teacher( who is 27) that wears these little dresses because summer is coming and its warming up. Just last week she was in a super tight black short skirt and she went to go tell the kid in the row next to me to wake up. When she did this her ass in that sexy skirt was right in my face. I am about to graduate and am wondering how to get with her. She is so sexy i am always hard in her class

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  • I got a b******* off my mats teacher in an after school detention...I still j*** off to that

  • Buddy if you get to f*** your teacher, you'll be my hero!!!!! I had a crush on my teacher when I was in school too. She was beautiful. Always wore dresses or skirts. Got a peek up her skirt once on the stairs and had to go straight to the bathroom to j*** off. She never seemed to avoid areas where I could get an up skirt look or a down blouse peek. And I always wondered if she liked having me look. It would make my day if she did. I hope so. Go for it.

  • Ummmm..... Its easier than it sounds. She doesnt dress like that for herself, believe me its for you and anyone who likes to look. Stare at her legs and make sure she sees you and just sit back and smile, she will let you eat her p**** before you know it

  • The other day she rubed her ass on my c*** in the hallway

  • The other day she rubed against me in the hall her ass rubing my d***

  • Lol wowwwww this is quite dirty

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