Mums bf f**** me good!

As i said in my previous entry, FIT STEPDAD me n him r now f******! this is about the first time, so mum works late and he was at football and im f***** this guy i know at mine in my room, this guys my age, met him on nyt out and have a sorta fuckbuddy arrangment, anyway so we were f****** abit longer than useral and as hes f****** me, im sat on the side legs wide open with him pounding me and i notice the door open slightly and my mums bf look thru, expecting to say something he didnt, he looked at me in the eyes and i stared back, grinned at him n he went away! proper hot, anyway i faked cuming ao the guy f****** me came as i knew who i really wanted to f***, and now i knew he defo wanted to f*** me! i saw him out and noticed mums bf in the lounge sat in silence, as i closes the door and turned around he was there, i asked, like what you saw? he said, your a real tease! why f*** boys when you could have a man? i didnt say anything shot up stairs and got changed into the clothing i brought to tease him, leather skirt, leather boots and my leather studded jacket with no bra under, went downstairs to find him c*** in hand in the lounge, he quickly put it away n i said why bother? im not guna be a tease now, if youd like? he pulled his hard c*** out and told me to prove it and called me a little s***, so i did i walked over to him rest my head on his lap, grabbed his c*** and put in deep in my mouth, i sucked and sucked and tasted his fat c***, the salty taste and smell of it got me so turned on! he then stood up and held my head as he pushed his c*** hard intonmy cheeks, after he picked me up, bend me over feeling my ass thru the leather, he asked me if i enjoyed getting f***** by my bf? i told him he wasnt my bf just my fuckbuddy, he then told me no as he is now my fuckbuddy! he fingered me under the skirt and told me that i was ready, opened my jacket, licked my tita and picked me up and sat me in his d***! told me to ride his c*** and i did! was alot fatter d*** and filled me right up! he then picked me up and f***** me standing fora bit before pounding me agaist the wall, then he completley stripped off naked and mounted me doggy style on the floor pounding me from behind, he then led me on the sofa, made me grab the heels of my boots as he made me taste his c*** covered in our juices! he then opened my legs while ontop me and proper plowed me till i properly came! real hard acreaming the house down! he asked wer did the other guy c**? i told him i swallowed it! he told me not today and pulled me to the floor by my hair, stoodnover me wanking furiously until he unleashed this fountain of s**** all over my face! gasping to breathe i stayed there and took it. he then told me to get cleaned up and he would use me again once nore before mum got home! and he did! that time blowing his load again all over my face! weve been f****** most nights now for past week, anytime i want it, i simply dress up all perverted for him n he comes and gets me! hes taking me shopping at the weekend, buy me some new perverted clothing for his and my pleasure.

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  • How often does he f*** you up the a***?

  • Nearly everytime now

  • You should try a dp?

  • I know iv watched it on p*** and i really wana do it

  • Read your other entry, you sounds like a right dirty w****! u should see if he wants to share you with his friends!

  • That is a h*** of an idea, risky but i like the sound that

  • You ever had a threesome?

  • No but in want to

  • Has he taken you shopping for clothes yet? what things did you buy?

  • All sorts, i now have loads new high heels, boots, 7 new leather skirts and jackets, my fav a leather mini dress, stockings undies etc

  • Have you no shame? Why would you so violate your mother's trust this way? Surely you can get your lusty desires satisfied elsewhere.

  • Have i no shame? i learnt frim the best, that mothers trust? she used my dad for money for years, slept around with his friends behind her back, karma if you ask me! im just enjoying my body with a guy who can push me to the edge! and as for him being mums bf? it adda to the thrill!

  • Sounds like mummy was a s*** too?

  • How big is his d***? how far can you take it in all three of your holes?

  • His sick is pretty big, at a guess id say 7-8 inchs, i can take it all in my p****, just about now in my a*** but have to take it slow, only way i can take it all in my mouth is with my head over the edge the i did earlyer

  • Wow very hot! you filthy little minx! how often is he now f****** you? you let him in all holes?

  • He has now! few days ago he grunted at me while doing me that he wants my a******, so after plenty of lube he is now f****** me in all three holes lol actaully really enjoy it!

  • Yea of course you enjoy it, you are a s*** at heart, i bet you love him using your tight young body for his filthy degrading pleasure

  • Oh i am! layin in my bed atm where he f***** me less than an hour ago

  • What perverted clothing has he brought you?

  • Well the most perverted kinkyest thing has to be this pvc corset, its got loads buckles and hole for my b****, suspender clips for these fishnet stocking, killer heels he brought me i shopping and this collar that has the word "w****" on it x

  • When u need to try something new, message me on

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