Revenge on my piece of s*** mother

When I was 16 I got sick with a bad case of mono. my mother however didnt believe I was sick, since i'm not a crybaby about my problems like she is. anyways, the sickness never went away, and im getting worse every year, terrible headaches, extreme fatigue, nerve pain whatever. When I was 18 I stopped going to school because the symptons were getting too much to handle. (And i'm a pretty tough guy) after 5 months of staying home, sleeping all day and being sick. instead of getting me checked out medically or at least letting me see a doctor so I could get pain medication, she had me locked up in a psych ward for being 'suicidally depressed.' it was only 40 days but trust me being an 18 year old kid surrounded by middle aged crazy people that got stuck in their lsd trip from from back in the 70s not fun. She had me locked up a year later, again for 40 days. and I couldnt get out of this cycle because i was getting worse and I had no source of income. Skip to 2 years ago, after getting kicked out of the house luckily being able to crash at a friends place for 2 months his parents told me to go back home, since my lying mother (shes pretty good at it) told her I could crash at my grandparents place (after I hadn't seen these people in a year or 2). I slept at their house for about 3 days to a week, cant remember exactly. guess what happened ? I got f****** pressured to voluntarily admit myself AGAIN, By my mother. convincing my grandparents I had 'mental issues' and I needed treatment for my ADD. Yep, since elementary school every problem I had in school was simply because of the oh so terribly disabling ADD... ignoring my teenage years were actually great fun. Simply because I got bad grades I must've been unhappy right ? So it was psych ward or living on the street I chose the former. So after 2 weeks psych ward crashing at friends place, got kicked out. Asked grandparents to stay at their place. Got kicked out, spent a week with some weird ass homeless dude that was borrowing a friends appartement. Exhausted and sick, I asked my mom to stay at her place again (where my 2 scumbag brothers still live to this day). I spent a month or 2 doing everything in my power to get a social housing appartment, got recognized as 'handicapped' because of my health issues, and happilly moved in to my own place. So now I've been saving money for a year so I can FINALLY get some f****** medical help, and find out whats wrong with me and if it's curable. In a few days i'm going to see some expensive doctor specialised in cfs (it's a start and my symptons do match it kind of) and hopefully get some advice on what to do next! I'm a 22 year old shell of my former self, people used to look up to me and think i'm the s***. Now everyone thinks i'm a lazy s******* with imagined medical problems living of wellfare. Well guess what. after I get better And I f****** hope I will get better. All my 'buddies' that ditched me because I was too sick to party or hang out, will get their f****** ass kicked if they dare ever talk s*** to my face. And finally the REVENGE PART. I could've forgiven my mother for being a f****** degenerate, lying and most of all CONTROLLING b**** during my teenage years. HOWEVER I WILL NOT FORGET NEGLEGTING ME WHEN I FELT LIKE I WAS DYING, LETTING ME ROT IN MY ROOM, AND SCREAMING AT ME WHILE I WAS GOING THROUGH F****** H***. I CAN TAKE ALOT BUT I CANT TAKE F****** ABUSE WHEN IM HELPLESS ALONE AND TRAPPED IN MY OWN F****** BODY. So mom when I do get better and make some money I will either, sue your ass so you can hopefully spend your old age in poverty, or I will pay some sketchy people to break into your house beat the s*** out of you and rape you. Leaving you crippled and in pain. and when I get my s*** together and get healthy, and in a more positive state of mind. I HOPE that the pain and suffering you caused me will never be forgotten. Never forgive and never forget. One one side my hatred keeps me going, combined with the good memories of a life before I got into this mess. I f****** swear you will pay I will never get even that's not possible, but you will pay in time, and when you lay in your deathbed I'll send you a card with a f*** you and rot in h***. and if I ever get kids I wont treat them like you treated me. congratulations if you read all of it. Remember to be there for your family and friends so they don't end up like me. Recently I gave my mother a good smack on her cheek or head, not even that hard and she had some kind of freaky panic attack, I felt so relieved and I was smart enough to not to beat her up so I don't get in trouble with the law. That's it. I thank the government for giving me money so I can fix my life. Peace out

Mar 31, 2016

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  • Man I pray but not that you forgive your mom, I pray your rage will not fade over time.

  • I would encourage you to talk to a therapist. You have issues that you need to overcome about how you believe you were treated.

    Do not tell the doctor you are meeting what you think you have, just your symptoms. You will need a blood test.
    Not to discount what you think you have, but medically it could not be mono. Treatment is typically an over the counter pain pill. A severe case would mean your spleen ruptured, not prolonged symptoms even if untreated.
    If there is a medical issue, it cannot be what you think it is. Lyme disease causes prolonged symptoms, mono could not.

  • Seek legal advice then sue your mom for child neglect, had you got the medical advice sooner you may not be suffering now. Don't make threats to cause her physical or mental harm, and don't threaten her with rape, be the bigger person.
    40 Days in a mental health hospital I would hope they had their own doctors who could see you didn't need to be there instead you needed to have medial advice.
    How old are your Brothers? Maybe your brothers would be better off taken into care if your mom is that negligent, Where is your Dad? could you have moved in with him?

  • ???? prayers for you

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