I f****** hate people

I have decided I don't like people. The people in my life anyway.
They are all selfish bastards and care about no one and nothing but themselves. Heck, they would even stab you for a f****** penny. All my friends turn out to be old gits too. One in particular is a proper b**** and I f****** hate her, she always puts me down just to make herself feel better. Well you know what, s**** you! You f****** piece of s***!!! I f****** hate you!! Just wait, I'm gonna show you how much of a success I will become! And when I do, when you suddenly start being nice again, I'm gonna throw it in your f****** ugly b**** face. Just you watch! I don't need anyone, I'm gonna reach my goals myself!!
I'm gonna post this now and not look back.

Apr 1, 2016

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  • It's obvious from years of observation and experience that people are naturally lazy, self-centered, oblivious, arrogant, and kind of dumb. Children are all this cubed, at least until a REAL PARENT teaches them to modify their natural sociopathy. Even people who were "raised right" only care how much they can get from you. Humanity as it is is a cancer. It could be so much better, but the species as a whole can't be bothered. So f****** us all, we're not worthy of survival. (I already included me in there, so you can stuff the standard "duhh, you first" noise.)

  • Good for you!! Go for it! You inspired me to do the same thing. I came to an ugly realization about the people in my life too. F*** em!!

  • Your starting to understand life

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