S** with another woman if I have s** with a man

My wife and I are very open with each other. I love her and would never cheat on her. But she knows that I fantasize about other women, and she recently told me that she fantasizes about me being with other men. I laughed and told her no way. She told this to her best friend Gina. Her husband Mike wants to see her with another man and is willing to be with a man to make it happen. We were all together a few nights ago, and they were all trying to get me on board, but I really wasn't into it. They must have had this planned out. The two women stood up and said they would do a strip tease together if us two men were naked while we watched. That seemed like a fair trade. We took our clothes off and watched them strip and rub up on each other. I started to get hard, and so did Mike. The women were to point of rubbing each other's p****** and then stopped and said they would go further if we would. All we had to do was hold each other's d****. I said no way, but Mike's hand was already on my d***. I wouldn't say I really liked it, but it didn't feel as weird as I thought it would. I saw them start to rub each other again, but then stopped to point at his d***. I took a deep breath and put my hand on it. It just felt like skin. No big deal, I guess. My wife sat down on the chair across from us and spread her legs. Gina licked her p**** once and then turned to us and told us to start stroking. I wanted to j*** off to what I was seeing anyway, so I just started stroking, not even thinking about the fact that the hand on my c*** was not mine, and vice versa. The women ate each other out while we jerked each other off. I realized I was about to c** and freaked out a little. I jumped up and said that was enough. They laughed at me. They pouted and rubbed their t*** together while trying to convince me to keep going. I still said no. Gina rubbed her t*** in my face and grabbed my d***. She asked if I wanted to c** in her mouth. I nodded. My wife said that I would have to c** in Mike's mouth first. Mike walked over to me and put his mouth on my c***. I looked at Gina the whole time, as she stood over me, making out with my wife. It didn't take long. Mike gagged, and the girls laughed again. Then Gina had him spit my c** on her t*** while he f***** her and finished off. She said that was a sneak preview. My wife had been turned on by the whole thing, so when I was able to get it up again I f***** her. Gina would have to wait. We planned another night together, but as it stands, I've only earned a b******* from Gina. If I wanted more from her, I would have to do more with Mike. I don't know. I feel a little weird about it, but it wasn't that bad. We'll see how the b****** goes. I really want to c** in her p****, but I don't know what I'll have to do in exchange.

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