I am a man who wears panties

I am a straight male who loves wearing women's panties. I buy all my own panties of course and I just love nylon panties and how they feel on. as far back as I can remember I loved wearing panties, it just makes me feel good on many levels. I guess you could say my feminine side gets to come out a bit and I do feel sexy with them on. but those are not the only reasons. I do find them so much more comfortable than men's under wear and I love all the styles and colors and prints and so and so on.but what more people need to understand is this is me just being me and this to is normal for a person. I think more men need to stand up about this and more women need to be understanding. we are normal men that love to wear panties.

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  • I have secretly worn panties from 16 to my much older age now.

  • Good for you! Life is too long not to do and wear what you want.

  • Look, you must have fallen asleep for who knows how long fool.. First, there is nothing to stand up for, second, dames don't care about a man's underwear due to them already being the champion crossdressers.. Lastly, nobody cares how much or little estrogen you have in your system.. You can cool down now.. Sit down & have a few shots o' Corby's or Seagrams.. That should do it..

  • Jesus enough already - no one cares

  • I agree. This guy is monotonous.

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