A great g*******

I was 17 and walking to a near gas station for some snacks. As I was walking a black man came and slapped my ass and said U liked that? I said maybe a little and he said if u want more let me know ( I was h**** as h***) and said I do we started talking then I went to his house and his 11 in c*** destroyed my p**** he c** inside of me then tied me to the bed and said wait here then after 15 minutes of being naked tied to this strangers bed with his c** oozing out of my p**** he comes back with 8 friends with even bigger c**** and all of them c** in my p**** calling me a white w****. I all gave them blow jobs and couldn't walk but before I left they all c** inside of me again and threw me out on the street naked and c** coming out of my p****. I eventually got home at 3 dressed and hungry (side note-I wasn't on the pill and no condoms were involved)



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  • Bareback f****** with a bunch of strangers! That's the kind of s*** I am too.

  • TOTAL BS!!!

  • Did they just f*** your p**** and mouth?

  • Yep

  • Did u get knocked up?

  • No thank the jesus

  • Lucky little w****

  • What exactly were you wearing?

  • A crop top and a skirt

  • Mini skirt? what about shoes? what type?

  • Just a skater skirt with heels ob

  • What type of heels?

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