Im my girlfriends b**** now

Me and my girlfriend that i love so much started a new relationship. She make me wear male chastity and for days maybe weeks without unlocking me and letting me c** and makes me wear a butt plug whenever she wants me to. I also have to wear panties now. She has s** with other guys because I only last 1 min and never made her c** for 4 years ive been with her. I also eat my own c** every time i c** and ive eaten other guys c** out of her p****. The most s** we have is when she f**** me with her strapon. I just really needed to let people know. I want to know what you think. I love our new relationship though, it's weird but i want to be her b**** forever, shes so beautiful and perfect

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  • Love to know how long this relationship lasts/lasted? I am surprised it started out so aggressively dominating, and hope this quickly accelerated to turning you into the sissy maid you obviously desire to be. I should know, I've accepted my status long ago. Unfortunately, no smart lady keeps a sissy slob like me.

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