I l*** for...

I l*** very much for my best friend's boyfriend. I actually helped them get together. He's a little older than me and she's a year younger than me. He's sexy as f*** and I want him so badly. We do the thing where it's almost like roleplay where if we want to hug we say *hugs you* when we text. We actually kiss on the lips now. He's my best friend just like his girlfriend. I also have a boyfriend now who used to be my friend. I really want to make a move, we're all teenagers. Whenever we talk I seriously just want him to bend me over and f*** the s*** out of me. I know it sounds bad...but at the same time I love just cuddling with him and the feeling of him arms wrapped around me...he says "I love you." as a best friend thing but when I say it...I mean it...I just don't know what to do...

Apr 4, 2016

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  • If he feels the same about you, then why hasn't he made you two exclusive? Because he doesn't have the character to do so. If he does this to his current girlfriend, then he'll most likely do the same thing to you when another girl he likes comes along. If you just want to mess around and have some fun, then it's best to be single so you don't have to deal with the guilt/work that comes with the cheating, unless that turns you on of course. Just my two cents.

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