I f***** my cousin

So this weekend we were hanging out i was in a see trough dress with a tiny red bikini under it and he was shirtless driving the car to the beach. We get there lateish in the afternoon and i take off the dress while he gets his skimboard. We go down to the beach and it is empty. Only we are there so we lay down are stuff. I take out a bottle of tanning oil and ask if he can put it on me. He starts to rub my legs getting higher and higher. My thond like bikini doesnt cover my firm a** (i work out) so he starts to rub it i start to get so wet and h****. I feel his huge c*** rub against me evey once an awhile when he finishes i roll over and kiss him. I never had a kiss so passionate. He lays on top of me and starts to grind his d*** into me. Im nerves at firts but im so h**** i dont care i wrap my legs around him and pull him in closer. He gets up and undoes my top and sucks my nipples. Then i get up and undo his swim trunks his 10 inch c*** comes out and im shocked i slowt put my lips around it and suck his d*** while looking at his washboard abs. He then stops me lays me down and takes off my thong and he licks my p**** he slowly enters one finger and goes to work. Im moaning so loud that i think china could hear me. And he gives me my first orgaism ever. We then walk out to the water naked and i tell him " i want u to take my virginity" he picks me up and i wrap my legs and arms around him as he slowly put it in. It hurts at first but i get use to it and it turns into pleasure so he picks up speed and we start to make out. I orgaism 3 more times then he pulls out lays back and floats his c*** pointing straight up i put it in my mouth and he c*** i swallow all of it. We walk bact to shore get dressed and go back home. We haven't done it since but he told me he wants to. So were do we do it with out are parents finding us? If u have an idea please comment i really want to f*** him but dont know how to not get caught

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  • Such a fake story from a frustrated dreamer! You're so sad you loser. Stop writing boring crap that doesn't even sound feasible, and if you personally need something to w*** off to, then there's enough adult websites around. Just spare us from this s***!

  • Get serious boy.. You're so clueless & feminized, you make us puke.. Broads are the biggest perverts out there, writing these stories to jerkoff to..

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