Weird P***

I am a 19 year old and I've always been into really taboo p***...

From gay man on man p*** -- which was introduced to me by my gay friend who asked me to record them for him -- to hentai, to incest p***... I've seen it all, but the one that really does it for me is gay p*** and father-daughter p***.

I am really ashamed of this but there's something about doing something naughty where you can't get caught that turns me on.

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  • How many articles have you written on this site, it's always obvious when it's you because of your use of grammar. You might as well just sign it. You are one sad individual, how much time do you spend in front of your computer all day; making up stories and abusing yourself? Go and get a life you sad arsehole.

  • Do you think talking badly to such a sad individual is helping them? Who is the real arsehole here, mate? Ever think maybe this is the only form of venting said individual has? It's a form of therapy.

  • I suspect he is tugging himself off all day every day mate.

  • Your story isn't unusual.

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