Beat the who raped my friend

I've only told four people in nearly 20 years what I did. I was 17 and living on my own in Indiana. I found out that a girl I knew had been raped. I talked to her about it. I tried to get her to go to the cops but she was afraid. Afraid of the guy, what people would think. What her parents would say. I told her if she didn't want to go to the cops atleast tell me who did it and I would make them pay. She finally did, and told me where he worked. I spent a few days spying on him. We worked in a hole in the wall video store. It was in an old part of town with no parking in front. You parked in back and walked through this little alleyway to the front. I waited until he got off work one night and jumped him in the ally. I beat the s*** out of him. I told him if I ever hear of him even looking at my friend again I would find him and finish the job. I also told him if he went to the cops I'd make sure either I or one of my friends paid him a visit. I put him in the hospital for almost a week. I ruptured one of his testicles and he ending up losing it. I wish it had been both of them. Far as I know he never said a word. I left Indiana just to be safe. As far as I know only five people know what I did. The guy. My friend who was raped. And three people I've told. I'm not sorry I did what I did. I'm not ashamed of it, but I'm not exactly proud of it either.

Apr 11, 2016

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  • This is why I want to build muscles, because if I ever get raped again I am going to do everything except kill the guy. I learned last time to not rely on the "justice" system or anyone else. Violate me and I'll do things to you that would make HP Lovecraft gag.

  • Mmhmm.. Nice try pervert.. Another Vince Black wanna_be.. Any peabrain weirdo can fabricate a foolhardy tale to get sympathetic babes' replies & make himself feel good.. In the real world dude suffers from E.D. & can't even make a fist.. Look, dude's just another attention getter like Michelle Fields with no job anymo.. Boohoo..

  • You are my hero. I was raped before. Amazing..

  • Well you taught the rapist a lesson he'll never forget but you might have handled this differently without all of the renegade justice. Still most people would crown you a hero.

  • Handled it differently how? By the so-called "proper" channels? Someone else said it: rape victims are treated like dirt for being rape victims, even in this day and age. Even if the rapist were tried and convicted, he'd probably do it again. Bet he hasn't tried anything like that again, thanks to this guy.

    It's great that you acknowledge your past anger issues, OP, but it's heartening to know actual justice-- the kind that makes a perp realize the hard way he messed up-- was served here.

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