Farted in front of the whole class

I'm 16. I went to school the other day even though I wasn't feeling all that good. My teacher called me to the white board to solve a problem. Is been having cramps and was gassy. Part way through the problem I felt it coming but couldn't stop it. I left out a loud wet fart. It was bad, and it stunk. Everyone was laughing. I just turned and walked out of the room and hide in the bathroom until next period. Ever since them people keep making farting noises around me. So basicly my life at school is over. I'm the fart girl.

Apr 12, 2016

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  • I farted accidently infront of my mum

  • Well tbh it's natural, no need to be ashamed of that, you just need to stand up and fight against such jerks *not the fight one fight thi*

  • Owning it works, so does just not reacting to it in a big way - like whatever. The thing is not to rise to it one way or the other - don't fight it, don't run from it. The most boring thing of all is to get a non reaction - people will give up on taunting you about it because you're "no fun".

  • Sad - kids can be so cruel. Empower yourself the next time anyone calls you this by agreeing with them. Tell them you are the fart girl, and watch their reaction. After a while, your true friends will support you and the jeering will stop. You'll see.

  • Own it. Laugh with them. Fight the tears, which will be the hardest part, and makes jokes about it too.

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