Panties for the homeless

My boyfriend and I are on the way to the laundromat. We stop at a light and there is a homeless guy thete with a sign that says, Anything will help. God Bless. My boyfriend turns and starts digging around in the back seat. He comes up with a dirty pair of my undies. Before I can say anything he tosses them to the homeless guy. The homeless guy gets a big smile on his face and winks at me. We pull away and I'm like, what the f***, dude! My boyfriend says, "his sign said anything will help. Just because he's homeless doesn't mean he doesn't jack one out. Have a heart, babe. Your panties are probably going to be the highlight of his day."

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  • Whilst I can kinda sympathize, someone has taken something of yours and taken your choice away in the matter...

    On the other hand, it's just a bit of cloth covering your v*****. It's not magical. Or a special snowflake. Sticking s** related things way up there on the pedestal of the divine magical is just ridiculous. Take a breath. Get a sense of perspective. Move on.

    Is your bf a j*** ? Yeah, probably. Are you blowing it out of proportion and putting your vajajay on a pedestal ? Yeah. You're both idiots. :p

  • I don't think my v***** is anythig different than any other v*****. Underwear is something personal. Think what you want.

  • Confessor here. We actually had a sit down and talked about what he did. For him he did it and forgot about it. For me the more time that passed I kept getting more up set. He said he didn't mean anything by it, in that moment he just thought it was funny. I told him I felt a little violated. Not to be gross but he took something that had a vary intimate scent and just gave it to some stranger. That about as personal as it get. He apologized. The more we talked the more he understood why I felt violated. It was a dumb thing but he genuinely feels bad. He's a j*** sometimes, but he's my j***. I love him even though he's a dumb boy at times. :-)

  • A guy here. That's not cool. I would never do that to my girl.

  • He sounds like a j***. Maybe he'll mature, but I doubt it.

  • How humiliating! He sounds like a real j*** for doing something like that! How would he like it if you threw a pair of his dirty underwear at a homeless person? I mean, what's the guy gonna do with them? Wear them? Smell them?? Those were your personal paid if dirty undies and he had no right to do that! Inconsiderate a******!!

  • Lol

  • I hope he grabbed a pair without skid marks. 0.0

  • Lol. Sounds like something my bf would do.

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