Walked in on my wife giving another man a b*******

This is not a confession just need some advice in what I should do I walked in from work one day and when I came threw the door didn't see anyone so shut the door took a couple of steps and I started seeing clothes laying on the floor at first I just seen my wife's bra shorts and then her panties and then all of a sudden there was men's clothing so I peeked around the corner and there she was sucking that man's c*** like it was the last one on the planet and it's like I froze and couldn't move for a couple minutes and then she crawled up and mounted his c*** and started riding the h*** out of it and I just got the h*** out of there and I haven't been back or talked to her in four days what should I do

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  • I wish a lot more of that goes on for the world and marriages get broken. it would do some snotty rich and royals good to come down flat on their face in some c***. right!

  • Man u need to break that b****** pride ! let her know u saw her and ur getting a divorce and dont even let her see u sad. tell her if she doesnt quietly agree on the terms youll let everyone know . she will always b a cheater man

  • Divorce her. I divorced my ex wife after she suggested she would f*** another man.

  • Divorce lawyer? I'm surprised someine hasn't posted, you should have joined in.

  • ^I thought same. Its either the guy wants to join in or watch again. This may have taken awhile to show up..have you spoken to her? If you are unable to move past this, then really divorce is your only option. If you feel like you want to save your marriage, get into counseling. Some people can work.through infidelity. Otherwise you'll need to figure out finances, housing and custody if you have kids..

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