Relationships go to ** after phone **.

That all my LDR's went to complete ** after introducing phone **. I swear to god. It's annoying! Within weeks they crumble because the guy wants phone ** all the time, or after a few times we become bored and disinterested in each other, or things get awkward. Espeically when the guy ends up being very bad at phone ** and I lose interest in having phone ** with them at all. Eventually things just fall apart, and it's always soon after I decide to introduce phone **! It's so annoying...

Apr 14, 2016

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  • It's got nothing to do with the phone or the **. You've created a plausible alternative explanation for being unable -- or perhaps just unwilling -- to commit to a guy who lives away from you. In your subconscious, you realize the relationship isn't what you want, or that it won't "work", or whatever, so you introduce phone ** in the equation (or allow it to be introduced) "knowing" it will blow things up. It's a self-fulfilling result: phone ** = break up. My two cents: you aren't unable to commit, you just don't want to commit with the particular guys you've encountered. The solution is to date guys closer to you. And turn your ** phone off. :)

  • This makes some sense, except that I've never been the one to break up with anyone. I've always been the one to get broken up with. I've recently discovered I'm more into women than men, and that might be one of my problems. Girls don't give me any attention, or like me, so I just 'settle' or guys who do give me attention, because I convince myself 'Maybe it'll work out.' even though I know it won't.

    I haven't been able to find anyone near me to date. I have an illness that keeps me inside most of the time, so it's also hard to find someone who is willing to be okay with that. Another reason why I have always prefered LDR's. Thanks for the input though. I am going to continue to try and find women near me who I click with and understand my situation, though it's been hard.

  • It's natural. It's what you are geared to do biologically - everything is the build up to **. It either works out or it doesn't. Polarised by the LDR. You're not going to get the close contact and socialising in each others space that reinforces a relationship and sense of being a unit. LDRs take work and are prone to failure. I'd suggest just dating someone local, or even just getting more good friends locally if you're sick of ** ruining relationships.

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