I have confessed a lot of my horrible, deep secrets to my friends- but there is one I will NEVER admit.

I tried to kill myself nine months ago. I feel pretty pathetic, because I didn't even land myself in the hospital. I did, however, pass the f*** out and smack my head pretty h****** the wood floor.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Dude, I didn't "feel sorry for myself". iIwas severely depressed, battling self injury, an eating disorder, and memories of my childhood molestation.

    You need to shut your f****** mouth before you judge people.


  • Your not a good friend if you leave them to feel guilty over your cowardly way out of this h*** hole! Life sux for millions working hard to put food in their mouths but they keep going. Join the peace corps help people who really need you. You are needed and stop feeling sorry for yourself

  • it wouldn't shock me if i knew the person who wrote this. because i know your capable of it and that scares me more than you know.

  • Well, thankfully you are still alive.

  • you'll eventually tell someone else.

  • Oops! You just admitted it.

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