Caught by my sister

I have always wanted to be a girl, I spent more time as a child dressed in my sisters clothes than in my own. It was just a matter of time before I got caught & sure enough, it happened. My parents were away for the weekend & my older sister was supposed to be staying at her friends house. It was 9:00p.m., I was wearing my sisters long sleeve, above the knee grey, button up the back dress, with a wide black belt, pink panties & bra, suntan pantyhose, her grey, all open platform heels, that really showed off my dark red toes. I was sitting at her makeup table, with my shoulder length hair in rollers. I just finished my 3rd coat of dark red polish on my fingers & was putting on my black mascara on my upper & lower lashes, when in the door way appeared my sister & her friend mary. All I heard was, ahhh, don't she look cute, I jumped up but it was too late. My sister said, so you like being a girl, good, me & mary will help you, they walked over to me & took over. They first plucked my eyebrows really thin & put a high arch in them, then they put on all the rest of my makeup. They took out the curlers & styled my hair, sprayed me with perfume, gave me a purse then put a necklace around my neck, bracelets on my wrist then pierced my ears & put in large silver hoops. I couldn't believe how good I looked, they left the room & returned a few minutes later, saying I was in for a surprise. 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door, in walks my sister , mary & a guy I seen around town, my sister tells me since I want to be a girl, I was going to learn how to suck d*** like one & pushed me too my knees in front of him. She told me to take out his d***, I did, then I was told to start sucking. I licked his entire c*** up & down, then let it slip into my mouth. After I got used to the size in my mouth, I really liked it & went to town on him. He placed his hands on my head & started f****** my mouth, that's when I noticed the flashes, mary & my sister were taking photos of me ! He filled my mouth full & my sister kept yelling at me to look at the camera & show her his load, which I did. I loved it so much, I didn't care who knew. Later, I asked my sister how I was going to explain the eyebrows & pierced ears to mom & dad, she said, don't worry about it, you'll be dressed even sexier than you are now when they come home & you show them the pictures of yourself & your new boyfriend, I couldn't wait !

Apr 15, 2016

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  • Id love to walk in and f*** all of you. Your sister. Her friend guy and girl.

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