So happy with this intercourse

I am a 20 year old male and I've been talking to this 30 year old woman who has 5 kids. Now seeing that I'm only 20 and she's 30 I was nervous to have sec with her but I wanted to so bad she is gorgeous the most beautiful woman I've ever had s** with. Anyway we had s** about a month ago but I did not perform well at well due to overthinking and being nervous. Today at approximately 5 am we woke up to me having a very bold and healthy erection. So we had s** on the couch where we slept and we were both on our sides and every now and then I would posture up to where she's laying on her stomach because I like that position then after a while I c**. Then my d*** is still hard and were messing around and she gets on top of me and says "I can't ride it it's too big" and her son wakes up and we are damn near naked so she lays him back down and we go to the bathroom and we're standing up and she's bent over while I go back and forth and she's talking to me telling me how much she likes it and saying right there. I'm sorry there is no point to this confession I'm just so happy that I did a good job and that she liked it and came I'm just proud of myself I'm still reminiscing

Apr 16, 2016

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  • You're right. There's no point & there's certainly nothing to confess.. Doing what nature designed you to do as a man approaching his sexual prime to a woman approaching her sexual prime is most likely the greatest pleasure the 2 of you will EVER experience.. All we men do with that is try to extend the great couplings we are undertaking for as many months & years as we possibly can!!

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