He was my soulmate, but I wasn't his.

you were like my best friend...but more. You were the one person who knew me inside and out. I carried you in my heart and my mind everywhere. There was never a moment where I never thought of you. I accepted every aspect of you and your personality. I believed in you when nobody else did. When nobody else would. And no matter what happens, no matter what has happened already. I will always love you. You have hurt me, so much. You've broken me beyond compare. You have no idea how much pain I'm in. But I will always love you. And it hurts because you've moved on. You let me believe you loved me in return but really you were in love with somebody else. You fooled me into believing I was your one and only but really...I wasn't. You were dating somebody else, letting me believe that I was the one you wanted to be with. But you see, that's my fault. My fault for believing you could change. But I'll always love you. And it sucks because I'll always take you back. Because I love you. And that's what you do when you love somebody. You want them to be happy. You want them to be okay. But you see, when I fall in love I become a moonstruck idiot and I end up getting hurt. And that's my fault, yes. But you took advantage of that. But long story short. I miss you, and I love you. And I hope God gives me the strength to get over you soon.

Apr 17, 2016

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  • Please don't ever change the way you love. Or the strength of it. Or the power of it. That's how we are all supposed to love. Fully. Completely. Unreservedly. Unconditionally. Holding nothing back. Protecting nothing. That's a very hard thing to do. And it's even harder when it seems to have been wasted. But understand: it WASN'T wasted. Eventually, someone will love YOU the same way. I promise you it will happen. And when it does you will be in heaven. Just don't try to limit or restrict or cage or cap that thing that you call love. It's too beautiful and precious and rare to alter or abridge. Love.

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