Hey guys, do pardon my brief absence; the usual -work! My sexy wife and mommy of my twins to be has been begging but not complaining. She wants me to stop working so that we would have a lot of time for ourselves, our twins who are due by Jul/Aug. She wants us to enjoy vacations together without minding any work . she wants us to move to a new cozy home of 8 rooms (we presently live in a 4 bedroom duplex with a pool). She wants us to give love to kids -orphans in Africa and south America (she's got a "little root" here) and we can go together as a family. She wants US to invest in a homeless shelter here after her encounter with her "street single mom friend" who is a constant figure in our home poolside fellowship and church . . . and so on. Of course we don't need to bother about income. The volume of investments we have in both our names can last for a lifetime; humanly speaking.
But as a believer in the Lord Jesus, I have learnt that "every good and perfect gift is from above; from God" and we should depend on him to provide even when we seem to have for all that we see are temporary. And also to share with people in need.

I am getting tempted to quit my job but I simply love my career. Well, I have another "fear". I raised it before her (we don't hide things from each other) and all she did was laugh and hold my head to her huge b****. That's her usual way of punishing me when I misbehave; yummy! Now back to my fear! The girl is suddenly so passionate about kids (hope you remember this was the opposite of her before she got saved). Now I asked her, "who is going to live in eight bedroom house with every facility for comfort?" She pressed my head harder into her b**** and laughed. Of course, I know her body language. She wants to fill those rooms with babies; all of it. And of course that is easier when I resign cos all she will do is "the thing". I guess it will eventually be so; I don't mind though but I still want to have some time in my career and as a Christian now, we have learnt to pray for things like these. She has made it a prayer point every morning devotion.

The best part of our life now isn't the Church; though my wife goes every Sunday and mid week. She doesn't miss any: Hasn't missed any since that first day. I have only missed a few due to work commitments. The best part of our life is the poolside house fellowships which holds every other Sat. or sun. evening depending on my work schedule. She plays her guitar and sings. We all join in the worship and dancing. We have communion (unleavened bread and wine), and assorted dishes. We tell stories in turns and experiences and testimonies/interventions/answered prayers. During the last session, one of the participants, a nurse who got separated from her parents in their country during a civil war testified of how the Lord answered the prayers we prayed barely a couple of weeks ago. She received a call from her brother who lives in another city that her mom had made contact and they will be visiting her next month! My wife's friend (the one she forgave that debt and reconnected with) who asked us to pray for her to get married to a "god-fearing man" testified that she is engaged to one and will be introducing him to us soon. They had met at a gospel convention they attended in another city. She didn't want to go due to the fact that she was accumulating her vacations to travel to S/Africa to be with her parents but the Lord spoke to her in a dream to attend.

Guys, I am learning a lot from knowing Christ and I am simply grateful to him for giving me and my family this new life even when I meant to spite him in that church that first day. I forgot to tell you, her b**** are still getting huge but the milk is yet to drip; can't wait!


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