I have a c** fetish

I think I do. I always got really turned on watching men shoot their load. Now that I have a boyfriend, I love making him c**. I love watching the thick white liquid shoot out of his fat c*** and I enjoy cleaning it up. I love the moans he makes as he does it. What turns me on more than anything is him c****** deep inside of me. I don't know why. It's not like I want to have kids or get pregnant but the idea of him c****** makes me so h****. I can't wait to give him a b****** tonight. He's a great man who deserves to be spoiled and feel pleasure.

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  • I used to get turned on, watching my dad shoot his load over my baby sister's bald slit. Then I would lap it up. I knew that before the evening was out, he would be ramming me hard. and pumping his cream up me. I was 10 at the time.

  • I can shoot c** up to 6 feet or so, and my gf thinks that is the hottest thing. In her dorm room she gets a little annoyed after if I came on something she has to clean up, but giggles when its on her roommates stuff.

    she took me outside to c**, and we did it all over campus. The best was a dimly lit aux parking lot that was shared by campus and the telemarketing company next door. it was good cause we could see anyone coming to us for a while in each direction. we'd go between a couple cars, and she blow me then j*** me off to c******. we'd giggle when I'd shoot ropes of c** on the hood of someone's car. We got brave since no one came around there, and just lay on the hood of a car and watch the stars. no matter how romantic or casual it always ended with my c** flying.

    She had me sit bare assed on the hood of a car, blow me, then j*** me off to see if my c** could hit the next parked car over. I usually did. :) we got spooked away when we were f****** on the hood of some Lexus or something like that, and when the hood caved in from my pounding, the alarm went off. we went back to her dorm, walked to her room, and since I was still semi hard, and jerked me off and had me c** on floormates door she hated. Icame so hard you could hear my c** hitting the metal door. consequently I masturbated to that even because that girl was hot, and I imagined she answered the door and I came on her when she did.

  • You are a sick bloke. F*** a dog.

  • No sweetie, I'm just open about my sexuality and not ashamed of s**. ;-) There's nothing wrong about wanting to please my beloved! Now take care.

  • You might like to watch some good video on this subject. Just google black men nutting compilation. There are several good ones that show them shooting.

  • Would u consider taking pics/vid of itself ducking ur mans c*** babe ?

  • Then i would piuk all over . lol

  • Wow miss anonymous, your mans certainly pushing the right buttons with u babe ! I cant even get my girl to w*** me off & I'm forced to wait for her to sleep so I can chuck one out next to her. Thing is, when u c**, I'm usually the loudest of orgasmic sperm thrower in wales ? I'll confess to one secret tho. I luv to chuck my mess accross my sleeping girls back, ass, t*** & sometimes face, depending in wot position she's sleeping in, but that's not all, I gently, but v willingly, lick my juices off her and although the stuff goes cold quickly, I luv the taste and feel of it going down my own throat & now have a fantasy of ducking another man off to get the real warmer version to see wot kennis excuse is to gag on the stuff ? Lol
    Karlos b.

  • Wow..your f'd up..ever consider another woman and skip the dudes lmao

  • Oh yes

  • Whoever ur guy is must be lucky

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