I need more f****** money a real job

I am sick of having no money, no holidays and no husband no dates, no house of my own. no space of my own. f****** h*** how is a person supposed to live like this!

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  • Find a Job and save.
    Don't expect money to just appear.

  • It used to get to me when I would hear people say this. They'd go buy a box set of their fav tv show on dvd and next month ask me for money because they couldn't make rent. Or when they walk around with their cell phones, run up a thousand dollar bill, then run to me, "Help me! $$$ I can't afford this!" And no matter how broke my friends were, they could always afford a new tattoo. Always. See, when I was broke, I was totally broke. I couldn't afford any of that. Dvd box set? I would have liked a tv! Cell phone? I still don't have one, but that's by choice by now. Convention can go suck my big one. My body is still ink-free. No tattoos. Those bitter days of being broke did make me realize it was for a reason, and that there were lessons to learn. I stay mindful of those lessons today.

    No, I don't know your situation, and I'm not saying I'm better than other people The bit of resentment is something I got over when I said to myself, Let people spend money on what they want, 'cause it's none of my business. Other people have it way worse than I ever did, even at my most desperate. What I'm saying is, I hear ya. I know exactly what you mean. I hated being broke. I hated that I couldn't afford to turn on the heat all winter and it got so cold that the rats in my apartment came running up my legs to cozy up to my body heat. I hated the Ramen noodle diet. I swore I would never be like that again. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I would never for a second rule out hard work and determination to get me out of that hole. I'm not wealthy now, just nowhere near that level of poverty, I finally just got a really good job, got back on my feet. So there is hope. Don't be like the others. Don't be frivolous and fatalistic. It's not easy, but you can make it.

  • Thank liberalism fool.. Blame yourself for believing liberals like yourself electing liberal leaders is the answer.. Liberalism is a mental disease that keeps on giving.. Look at all it's given you!!

  • Liberal! Liberal! Liberal! I don't have a mental disorder, YOU do! Liberal! Liberal! Liberal! hyuk hyuk hyuk fox news tol' me tuh say dat

  • Be glad you don't have kids & poor. go back to school

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