My Crappy Neighbors and S***** Landlord

I hate my neighbors down below my apartment. All they do is complain about my family using my bathroom. When they can't say anything, they are just as noisy all night long. None of them have jobs and drink all f****** day. They never just shut up at night. All I say, Two of my neighbors downstairs are living there when they shouldn't be and my landlord doesn't give two s****.

Speaking about my landlord, he doesn't fix anything and he only in for the money makes out of all the tents living in my apartment building. I feel like reporting him for it too for doing keeping up with mandatory upkeep in the building. For example, I need a new fridge and he hasn't bought yet. It's been more than four months

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  • Take a little advice: save your money and move the h*** out of there. Renters in general don't seem to care how much noise and angst they cause for their neighbors. You could try withholding your rent until the landlord does something about it but you may also risk getting evicted. Hope this helps a bit.

  • I lived in an apartment for 26 years before I just couldn't deal with the scumbag people who moved in and out of the unit right above us. The floor above us was paper thin so the slightest noise could be heard on the second floor just as their noise could be heard in my apartment. I got into many arguments over the years with my upstairs neighbors because of normal living noise such as radios and televisions playing at low volume and even conversations and footsteps. About 10 years ago I got so sick of having to deal with bitchy upstairs neighbors, who moved into a s***** apartment and then expected total silence, that I bought a mobile home that was 35 miles further away from my job just to get some privacy.

    You're going to have problems with neighbors as long as you live in that crap apartment. Now that I live in a mobile home I find it very liberating to be able to play my boombox at half volume without having to worry about the a****** living above me knocking at my door and b******* about my music or complaining to the landlord about my indoor cats.

    My suggestion? Get yourself a mobile home or else resign yourself to living with the degradation and humiliation that always comes with living in a crappy apartment.

  • I spent six months in a similar situation until I finally found someone to take my place in my apartment. I hate bad neighbors especially when they are bad roommates.

  • As a tenant you do have rights, but you can't always choose who your neighbors are. Now, if there are more people living in the apartment at than what is allowed that could be reported to your landlord. The other thing, if they are too noisy, you may be able to report a noise complaint. The problem is - you guys are neighbors. The last place you want things to be a sticky situation (or moreso than it is) is where you live. Is there a way you can work it out with the neighbors below? There isn't a law that says people have to work or not drink. But there are usually noise laws. Is there a way you can be more considerate when using the bathroom and maybe see if they can turn it down at night? You have family, you don't really want to start a fight and you just never know what people are capable of doing...As for your landlord not fixing things. A landlord needs to be able to provide certain things. Some places provide refrigerators and some have you supply. If you have anything in writing regarding asking him to fix things? Begin to document. Or put it in writing and see if he's either open to you paying for the repair and deducting that amount from your rent? Or maybe you'll need to report him if it continues. Check this site out:

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