Cowgirl f*******

I confessed before on here about (spitroasted in night out) this happened about a month later while on a night out with my friend, just us two and our f******* with 3 guys, me and my friend were 18 at the time and these guys must been in their mid twentys maybe, both me and my friend had boyfriends too at the time so yes we cheating s****, dressed in fancy dress as cowgirls,

we met the guys in a club and they started dancing with us, brought our drinks for the night and ended back at one there places a flat not too far from town, both me and my mate were drunk and i remember being in the kitchen with this one guy dead fit, saying that i had bf and he had gf but before long we were making out and his hands were all over me as i wanked him off, i heard a noise from the living room and paniced so we stopped and i entered the living room to find my mate on her knees sucking both the other two guys off! shocked i asked her what she was doing just as my guy walked in with his hard c*** sticking out his jeans, she called me on it and i giggled before deopping to my knees along side her as the guys surrounded us presenting their c**** towards us so we began sucking them in turn,

so our outfits was cowgirls and that was both us with tan cowboy boots, mini skirt, checkard shirts with brown wide hip belts and cowboy hats, as we sucked the c**** our shirts came off skirt and underwear came off leaving us in boots, belts and our cowboy hats, the c*** sucking changed into them licking us out before we kissed as we sucked this one guys c*** together, i have never kissed a girl before but now i was kissing my friend as she began touching my bare b**** and licking my nipples, my b**** were alot bigger than hers i was about a d cup but she must been about a b maybe, the guys went mad at this and before long we had d**** inside us pounding away, the s** turned proper filth and the guys wer slapping our arae cheeks, using our wide belts round our waist as handles pounding into us, swapping from guy to guy, i remember being bend over and not knowing who was f****** me, trying to turn my head around to see which guy was f****** me but he was pulling my hair so i couldnt, his mate approched me ramming his d*** in my mouth spit roasting me real hard! asking how my mates p**** tasted? after more f****** my mate was now getting spit roast as i was half bent over her and the guy f****** her would pull out and ram his c*** in my mouth before ramming it back in her, she then told me to finger her ass, and so i did, i started with one and then two before i was finger f****** her in her bum with my fingers, i could feel his c*** inside her, he then growled at me to put his c*** in her ass so i guided it in and watched as it slipped straight in and he began pounding her ass right in front my face, as i was getting f***** by ine the ither two guys, i have no idea which one,, we then changed positions and me and my mate 69ed her on her back with one guy f****** her in the bum and me in all fours getting f***** in the oussy as i felt her lick my oussy and his d*** as it entered me, so as this guys f***** my mate in the ass i then began going down on my mate, first p**** i licked and i loved doing it, obviously did it her her as ahe began c******, my tougue on her p**** and this guys d*** in her ass, by now i too had a finger or two in my ass but had no idea whos it was, she then c** and wriggled free and said she needed a break and i then took on all three dicked myself, at first i thought it was too many fingers but then i realised i was taking one the c**** into my ass, i then took another spit roast but this time ass and mouth before long they decided to dp me and made me airtight, all 3 d**** f****** me as my mate watched fingering herself, i was in the reverse cowgirl posistion when the first guy first came! he came deep in my p****, he was pumping into me so hard pulling on my belt pounding me so hard i almost came untill her came inside me, and as he pulled away my mate was straight over to me going down in me, licking my p**** till the c** poures out all over her face as i held her head oulling her toungue deeper into me as i came shaking violently, screaming as i had orgasimed over my friends face, i climbed off and the guys told me to clean her up ao we began snogging as i oicked the c** off her face and she kissed back, just then the 2nd guy started wanking his c*** in our gaces and then spunked over us, some his c** on my face and some on hers, we then cleaned each other up with iur mouths sucking and swallowing as the last guy pulled us back on the couch, he layed down and my mate clumbed back in his d*** and me into his face facing one another, before long it was round two for one the other guys mounted behing my friend and two then started double f****** her p**** and ass, we took a totel of 7 cumshots both of us, in p**** mouth and ass! proper filth night that was amazing!

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  • What else have you done?

  • Well there was two other adventures of mine that where simular

  • Makes me a bit concerned about my girlfriend going out clubbing and staying out late :(

  • You never know....

  • Cowboy boots stay on all the way throught? what about the big belts?

  • Yea the boots stayed in from the atart to finish! belts did come off although mine did stay on the longest

  • Describe the boots?

  • Hmmm cant really remember, dont own then anymore, mine was tan ankle high, with a heel but it wasnt very high

  • What about your friends?

  • Hers were more knee high brown boots i surpose, and they were flats

  • At what point did the belts come off?

  • Dont know exactly when my mates came off, was too focused on the c*** i was taking but mine came off after the buckle started digging into my tummy

  • And why did the buckle dig into your tummy? what position were you in? how many of the men wer f****** you?

  • Two! i was taking two, one in my ass under me and one in my p**** in front me, i was leaning forward into them on the couch as they both pumped into me

  • How long were u all f******? how many loads c** u and your mate take and where?

  • We must got to their place about 2 in the morning, all i know is we were still f****** when the sun rose in the morning. we each took a load in our p***** and ass, the rest was in our faces, last two came on our faces at the end, both me and my mates faces side by side together, after we sbogged ourselfs clean

  • Dirty girls? bare strangers s**** in your young fertile p*****? were you on pill?

  • Yea very dirty girls we were! yea both on the pill, well i was, made sure i remebered to take it when i got home, was so hot having strangers c** inside me

  • Describe yourself and your friend?

  • Well i have black hair, just bellow my sholders, had it that night in pigtails, both me and my mate wer very short and i was roughly a size 10 and my mate blonde blue eyes and a right skinney mini, her hair also in pigtails she must been size 8 maybe

  • Both blonde and brunnet in pigtails getting dped? now thats f****** hot! did you enjoy it?

  • H*** yea! was one best nights my life!

  • Did you even know their names?

  • I think i knew one, but no i dont think so...does it matter?

  • Haha no but i bet you remember the c****

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