Was I raped?

I'm a 12 and my boyfriend who I met online was 16. We got together because we were both depressed and shared a few interests. Then he started getting really sexual and I didn't try to stop it because I didn't want to make him sad (I know this was stupid now, I should have said something, please do not rant over this) and after a couple times meeting irl (I would pretend to sleep in the tent in a yard at my house but sneak out in the night to see him) we had s**. I didn't really want to but I didn't say that and I seriously regret everything now. Is this his fault or mine

Apr 23, 2016

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  • No, you were not. End of story.

  • You were underage so you could not concent. It was rape.

  • He was underage too, so I guess they both raped eachother at the same time, according to your logic.

  • This is tough. Clearly, you weren't ready. However, you didn't set any boundaries. So it's something you need to take responsibility for... Unless it was forced on you and you tried to stop it, or told him "No." It might help for you two to have an honest talk about how it made you feel or speak to someone you trust with experience about it -- older sibling, cousin, family member, counselor, etc.

  • Well since he forced himself on an underage girl I'd say it was his fault and yes you were raped. Having s** with a girl no older than you are is also called statutory rape. Even if you didn't tell him to quit you were still raped.

  • Again, he was underage too, so I guess they raped eachother at the same time, according to your logic.

  • Many girls regret their first time being sexual with a man. Concurrently they understand that their first sexual encounter with a man not fulfilling storybook expectations cannot enable or support any charge of sexual misconduct. If this girl wasn't ready for a sexual encounter, she shouldn't have acted so independently.

  • You did everything right girl.. All of us could reflect negatively on nearly everything we do if we kept looking back to the past.. What is important now is to move forward.. Look, you stated that you were both depressed & wanted to share.. Look on the bright side of this ; you did a lot of growing up & shared something special & intimate with him that night.. You also made this sad young man happy by yourself ; a good accomplishment for you!! Do yourself a favor by not dwelling on what happened.. It was good & you would do it again.. You purposely deceived your parents with the tent scheme because you knew in your heart you wanted to make this young man happy.. Plus now you have a boyfriend you can share again with.. You are displaying signs of maturity young lady ; no one can take that from you!! Good girl..

  • You sound sick.

  • And you're just an ass.

  • No it isn't rape - just regrets.
    You need to speak up for yourself in the future

  • Indeed correct.. The young man was responsible & did not coerce or force the girl in any way..

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