My sister taught me practical s** education.

My secret. Our parents had passed away. My older married sister 26 taught me how to pleasure myself when I was a boy 16. We Were when watching a hot film. She noticed my bilge and after film turned of tv and talked s**. It is easier to demonstrative so she stripped my clothes off and asked me to show her how I master bated. She knelt in front watching my technique and gave verbal instructions Soon She told me to lay back then she stared to play with my b**** and p**** turning me on. She played with my p**** until I came. Then continued to milk my p****.

Until all seaman was released. The ejeculation was so intense better than I had achieved.

The come went all over my chest and stomach. Once finished she told me to lay back and relax. She took some of my come in her fingers and places it on my lips. So I would understand what a girl giving me a b****** would taste.

She had seen me naked many times as she brought me up from 6 yrs old. So no big deal being naked. But I had never seen her naked. She asked if I had seen any girls naked other than tv or Internet. No I replied. So you don't know the female body. No. Ok time to wash you down. Not the first time of course. She walked me through her house naked to the shower and turned on the water. While hot water was coming through she stripped off naked.

She watched me wash then got into the shower with me. Ok you can wash me and I will help you understand which parts of the female body you need to be gentle with.

And so began my s** education

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  • My mum started teaching me when I was 11. We started with oral, and then moved on from there until, by the time I was 13, I was pumping up her every night

  • Bullshit. All just crazy fantasy

  • Jealous because your mother rejected you?

  • I showed my little sister were her c******* is and how to m*********. I got her her own vibrator and taught her to use it on herself as well as me. It was fun teaching her how to give oral stimulation, she likes to eat me out and fist me elbow deep.

  • Thats wrong

  • I take it English isn't your first language.

  • S***

  • Where you saying "s***" ? We did not have s**. She just showed me how to pleasure a female.

  • Tell us exactly what u did to her

  • I soaped her body up but avoided the private bits. The b******, buttocks and between the legs. Seeing my nervousness she took my hands and placed them on her b******. I asked her why the nipples became pointy and hard. She said because you are being gentle and my t*** are responding. Now you can wash the rest you have missed. I washed her bottom which was round and smooth. Then hesitated again as her pissy was the final bit. She took my right hand and told me to gently and slowly wash everything between her legs. She had no hair on her p****, it felt smooth and soft. With the other hand I washed between her buttocks. She bent over and opened her legs for better access to wash her a***. I rinsed all the soap off and turned the water off. We faced each other and we hugged. Ok I will show you the female special part. She got me to kneel in front of her then she opened her p**** a little with both hands. Touch that she said pointing to a tiny lump at the top of her slit, that is the cliterous. I rubbed my finger over it and it got bigger. She started to groan and twitch. That's great your doing well. In fact I would like to take you to my bedroom, you ok with that she asked. Yes I replied but can I ask why your p**** is feeling wet. Soon she replied as she held me by the p**** and squeezed making me hard. She dried me down and told me to dry her off. I placed a towel around me. No need she said no one is around. We both walked through the house naked to her bedroom.

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