Nude selfie

My boyfriend kept bugging me to send him nudes, I always said no. One night we were texting and I gave in. A few months later we broke up. He sent the photo to all his friends at school. I didn't take long, after awhile it seemed like everyone at school had seen it. I think some of the teachers even saw it.

I started a rumor that one of the reasons we broke up was because he has a tiny d***. Two other girls started telling people the same thing because they were p***** at what he did to me.

He embarrassed me, but I ruined him. Good luck getting a date the rest of high school. Some people have started calling him LD. Little d***.

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  • This just means your a s*** for sending nudes. And a bigger s*** that needs a large d***.

  • I don't mean this in a judgy kind of way but I hope you learned your lesson. Never take nude photos to send to someone. You just never know where they will end up.

  • Good for you! Shame on these f****** that kiss and tell! You were the victor in the end.. Good job sister!

  • What a d*********. Hope you didn't f*** him.

  • God no. He wanted to and I was thinking about doing it. When we broke up I was glad I didn't.

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