I know a woman who was conceived by incest

Ok this is a strange story. There was a baby born down the street from me who is the product of brother-sister incest. She was adopted by the Christian woman and raised properly.

By some miracle the girl isn't retarded but she does have severe joint issues which I will not describe due to the fact that it is possible she may read this. Take my word for it, her elbows and knees are in very bad shape and she's fortunate she can even walk.

Ok time passes and she goes to college. She studies music and she meets a boy. Over her doctors objections, she has a baby with this fellow student.

The baby has some of the same problems she has but the doctors eventually corrected much of these issues with surgery.

Ok a doctor told the now grown woman that her daughters child may be ok but she carries bad genes and should not have a baby either.

Ok and this is a key to how old I am. I'm really old and the baby grows up and marries and has a baby. The child is perfect but the mother has been warned that any child she may have may have the same joint problems that her grandmother has.

Sometimes genetic problems skip a generation before they strike again.

I guess I'll be dead before i find out what happens to the child of the last baby is born.

Apr 25, 2016

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  • I'm the result of incest between my father and his mother. When I was young, I often slept in their bed, and heard them f******. Just before I was seven years old, Daddy licked me off and fu cked me.

  • I have my 14-year-old son's baby. She's perfectly healthy. There are only problems if the parents have genetic defects.

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