My brother

I never told anyone about the things he did to me, or the things he made me do to him. In the beginning he said it was love. Our family was horrible. I wanted to believe him. Even when I knew it was wrong I needed to believe him. I used to think he was no better than our father. Looking back I know he was so much worse.

How do you tell people that your brother broke you in ways that can never be fixed. My family choses to ignore what he did along with the rest of our f***** up family history.

When I see him I don't see someone who is susposed to be brother. I see the monster that held me down and pushed my face into pillows the cover my screaming.

They all exspect me to pretend nothing happened. The f***** up thing is for the most part I try to. One day I'll walk out the door and never see them again.

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  • Oh my god! What the f*** happened?
    Whatever it is, it really sounds like something you need to process and work through before it brakes you down completely. Two very good places to start can be to write about it (even if nobody sees it, it's still a way to get it out) or to talk to someone about it.
    That's what I like so much about this site. Here you're kind of doing both at the same time. :) That someone you talk to should preferably be someone you trust and can be completely honest with, but I usually find it easy to trust and be honest on this site. Since you're writing anonymously to strangers then nobody knows you or the people you're talking about, which makes it easier. :)
    So - Tell us. What happened?

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