D****** with stepdaddy

Hey, previous backstorys are "fit stepdad" and "mums bf f***** me gd" as some you guy asked and mentioned in the comments about him sharings me i can now say that he has, we are still f****** and he calls me his little s** slave, he loves it when i call him daddy, we have gone to the brink and the s** is amazing but this little "s***" wanted more, so he said he was up for taking me d****** rather than share me with his mates, so after two failed attempts last week last night it actaully happened, he drove me like 60 miles away, he told mum he was working away for the night and i told her i was staying over at mates house, she even said to me "have fun" l**** anywho, so after meeting up with him we drove arrived at this like carpark in this forrest middle of nowhere, sat and waited about an hour, once a few car were there we sta and watched other ppl get out and start walking over to one another, was loads of older men and surpisingly some younger, eventally my daddy told me to get out, strut around the car in the outfit he picked out for me, and once ppl came over he would join me, so i did'

he had me wearing my coller, studded leather jacket with a black bra covered with spikes under, my big buckled leather mini skirt, and a pair thigh high fat platform boots he brought me for the occation,
so i did i circled the car twice and then crouched by the bonnet, he flashed his lights, put on his mask got out and clipped a leash to my coller and the other men wer all walking over and as i was focus on them, nervious and shaking i felt him grab my head all pull me and my mouth onto his rock hard c***, he held my head as he f***** my face while the guys came closer, by the time i managed to look up there was 4 guys around me wanking as my daddy f***** my mouth, he then instructed me to suck them off and i did, he told them "she likes to have her mouth f*****" so once by one i had these totel strangers hold the back my head and ramm their c**** in my mouth, i sucked alot d**** for awhile before daddy bent me over the bonnet of his car lifted my skirt and started f****** my ass in front these strangers, he then agreed after much behging from me to let the other men f*** me, each one had to wear a condom if they were guna f*** my in p**** or ass but my mouth was condom free as i had strangers c**** rammed in the back my throat, the other cars must had older women in them because all the men were around me, because it was so dark i have no idea how many men actaully f***** me from behind, i took d**** in both holes from behind and in front, by then my jacket was wide open, one old guy who must been about 50+ came inside me (in condom) and then i was instructed to beg for c**, so i did and was made to count as guy after guy wanked into my face and shot their load all over me face, i counted 9 loads and my face, hair and make up was a state, i had c** all down my jacket on my bra, on my skirt, on my new boots, just before the 9th guy came my daddy had got me off my knees bent me over his car again and f***** me in the ass as i rested my head on the bonnet the last guy who must been a few year older than me came on my fave(and on my daddys car lol) he had obviously f***** me that night as i could taste condoms on his d***, not long after he had c** daddy shot his load up my a***, i groaned as it was f****** hot being watched, we were about done when this last guy asked if he could c** over the back my skirt with me bent over, daddy let him as i sucked daddy clean, didnt do anything for me but the random guy liked cuming over my leather covered a***, only problem was it was cold and had to take some clothes off to get back in car, we left, went back to daddys hotel, he never let me clean the c** off my face till till he got me in the hotel room and f***** me again! was well alkward getting past hotel reception! he loved f****** me with my face still covered in strangers s****! he f***** me facing him the whole time growling at me calling me names till he shot his load deep inside my p****(something he rarly does) after that he let me get cleaned up showered and he cleaned all s**** off my clothes before f****** me again in just the boots, was an amazing night and so glad it happened like i said after two failed attempts i got what i wanted, but now i want more

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  • Wow you are a nasty little s***! how old are you? how much s**** did you take? from how many?

  • Describe the boots and outfit in more detail is you can?

  • So erotic

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