Girl friend daughter watched her mum giving me a b*******

My girlfriend 42 was totally carried away giving me an incredible b*******. I noticed the bedroom door open in the semi darkness and her daughter of 16 started watching her mum pleasure me. I too was really lost in the moment. The daughter gained confidence and came into the room grinned at me and stood right behind her naked mum. Should have I alerted my girlfriend her young daughter was watching?

Apr 29, 2016

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  • No, enjoy the moment. I bet the girl did

  • I confess I did nothing and let her watch. We had a street light outside the bedroom window so once eyes adjust she could clearly see almost everything. When she smiled her teeth were clear. I prepared a full confession of the event of you want to know all the detail. Her mother eventually mounted my c*** and f***** me. Daughter watching from behind. I felt a hand touch my leg them both hands then one hand move up my thigh. Then hold my b****. What could I do ?

  • 1. Write us the full length, in detail confession.
    2. It's obvious the daughter wants you, bad! I can guarantee you she's fantasizing about you and masturbating to those fantasizes. If you want her, just go for it! She wants it, and she'll let you do literally whatever you want to her (including a***) as long as you're confident and assertive about it! But you have to tell her what to do, almost order her, and use her like a little s***. That's all part of her fantasy. Trust me on this! That is, of course, assuming you want her..?

  • Ok. Can add all detail to confession. It was exciting yet embarrassing all at once. We have never had another with us. Was the daughter getting off on my vulnerability and her mum not knowing. My girlfriend was wa good looking fit 42 yr old woman. Her daughter was stunning, slim, small b****** intense blue eyes and a lovely smile.

  • 1. Is that "all the details"..?! :/
    2. No, you're not gonna be able to get a threesome with them. The daughter might be into it, but her mother would hate you and brake up with you just for thinking of it! If you wanna get with the daughter then you'll both have to keep it secret from her mom. But you still haven't answered whether you even want the daughter or not..?

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