Sniffing coworkers panties

I have an exotic, gorgeous coworker. She acts like she's down to earth and is cool with everyone. But she's fake. Nothing but fake greetings and fake small talk. Whenever she's having a bad day, she gets very snotty. Then she'll start talking to you whenever she feels like. More like she'll acknowledge you whenever she feels like. She's also kind of an airhead. I'm not the first to say so. She's a pretty thing, but not much going on in her head. She preaches that she sees beauty in everyone, but of course she's married to pretty boy. I will bet that she wouldn't give me the time of day, if not for the fact that we work in the same place. Anyway, over the course of us working together, I noticed she has a cheap lock on her locker. One day I decided to peek inside to see if she leaves her panties in the locker. Not everyday, but I was able to sniff a pair of her thongs and 2 pairs of bikini panties. She likes to wear frilly and lacey things. But they all stink the same. She really is a stinker. I like her thongs the best because it had both the scent of her p**** and ass. The funny part is it don't give her enough credit to figure out that I'm actually digging through her stuff. I think she is as clueless as she looks. Although I do notice she hasn't been leaving her underwear lately. Oh well at least I know what the b**** smells like:)

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  • I used to steal panties from my aunts house and she had no idea haha

  • My wife's friend is similar. Stuck up,and a lawyer. When I go to hers I always defile her used panties.
    Once I had a sniff and recoiled in horror!! The stench was awful!!!!

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