Today I struck back at someone who has been bullying me and it felt really, really good. Not sexually gratifying in any way but simply satisfying in a purely mental way. It felt like a had really done something and it made me feel giddy and full of energy as he went toppling over like a tree trunk with blood spurting from his nose.

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  • I commend you. When I was 10 I was subject to some bullying. Not super bad but disempowering. Went of for ages. My dad found out and said it was ok to defend myself. I felt a huge relief. I had been trapped by the modern mantra of don't fight. I guess I felt he had given me permission. I ended up punching the kid in the nose. Blood everywhere. Sent to the deputy head. Got talked to. Nodded and I actually felt real bad but at the same time good. The kid tried to bully me again the next day and I hit him again. I got suspended for a couple of days but my parents did not punish and as I recall I just played at home. The kid never tried it on again.
    I'd tell anyone being bullied to push back. Don't put up with being bullied.

  • Its possible it felt so good because you stood up for yourself, and not because you caused them pain.

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