Want to be g*********

So I watch a lot of p*** and normally I mastrubate to anything that involves rough s**. Like bondage s** and hair pulling ass slapping s**. I also love to finger my p**** while watching daddy p***. I'm not into incest but I have a thing for older guys and love calling my bf daddy.
I'm 19 and my bf is 30. We live far away so we don't really have s** a lot. Normally it's just phone s** or we Skype each other. But lately fingering my p**** just doesn't feel enough. Recently I've had this fantasy where multiple guys f*** me hard.
I really want to turn my fantasy into a reality but my bf is super jealous and he gets mad when ever I tell him this fantasy. But the thought of a bunch of guys f****** me and c****** all over me turns me on super bad.

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  • I wanna chat with you . connect with me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com <3 <3 <3

  • I am a married woman in my mid-20s with two boys but every Thursday afternoon I am picked up by my husband's mate and his friends and taken to his friends smallholding where we meet up with a couple of other guys and then I am made to strip off and walk around the place naked eventually being tied and roughly used and abused and with being on the chubby size they like making fun slapping my fat bottom and t*** they eventually take it in turns to very roughly f*** me in any hole they want including my bottom they have even brought in shadow a Rottweiler threatening while I am tied that he will f*** me it has got to the point of shadow licking my f**** although I love my husband lots I find myself completely under the control of my masters

  • I want to hear more from you x

  • I wanna chat with you . connect with me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com <3 <3 <

  • That sounds really fun. I'd love to be in your place and be roughly f***** in any hole as well!!:)

  • Sexy. Very sexy. You need a Daddy of your own who can f. Uck you like a s*** and love you like a baby... all at the same time.... He must have am ability to d. Ick you up for at least 4 hrs on the go... that's when you will be ok. You will be a tail wagging puppy doggy to a man like that. Otherwise you will keep searching even if you get g.ang ba.ng.ed.

    My Girlfriend was like this before we got together. I read your confession to her and right now she is slurping on her Daddy's d.i.ck and says that she will pray that you find your owner soon. You can write to her at kenmanhood at gmail and connect if you feel like

  • Thank you for the best wishes lol!! All though I have a boyfriend I still would like a Daddy Dom who can give me what I want. I think I'm a good submissive but I'm still look for the right guy:)

  • I am sure you will find plenty of older guys here who can be your Daddy Dom, but keep updating us on your experiences

  • I will!!:)

  • I'm a Daddy Dom.. Nothing is taboo.. lifesubmaster@yahoo.com

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