That b**** got it.

I like to think that I'm in touch with my emotions and i can control them most of the time compared to other guys of my age (around 16). I can shrug off most outright insults with a laugh with or a comeback and I can handle most situations.

In the place I live, people are really proper and it's kind of annoying sometimes. If you've had a family member, like a parent or cousin, that has been in jail it is a bit of a disgrace and people will tease you for it. My dad got put in jail for auto-theft because his mates set him up to for cash as because we aren't a very rich family and I'm the only one of my siblings that actually put effort into getting into a good school.

Now when it happened, not many people commented on it to me as I'm pretty well like on school by the teachers and the students but this one b**** was constantly needling me about it, saying this like
"Oh, why are you even here? Shouldn't you be in prison with your father?" With her annoying east end accent.

And she was just grinding my self control down to dust and a bunch of people around me had told her to b***** off and even her friends were looking a bit uncomfortable hat she was with them. Despite even her friends telling her not to be a b**** she kept going on and on until I turned around and stood up really quickly.

I rose my fist deliberately so the entire class could see that see was about to get what she deserved and stopped the punch just before it hit her. I put my hands down on the desk whilst she stopped flinching. Then I said
"Look around you. No one even tried to to stop me slapping you about! That's how much people think that you're cool for insulting me just because your family's all got poles stuck up their arses for 700 years. Nothing. No one likes you being a b**** and it doesn't make you cool and edgy it just makes you lose the small amount of friends you have"

Then I sat down while she was opening and closing her mouth like an idiot. She is so spoilt that I doubt anyone has ever insulted her in her life. It was funny because she then poured her water bottle over my head and I laughed so hard and called her a brat and the entire class laughed with me.

When she left the class the teacher just continued with the lesson and smiled, it was great.

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