S*** swimming In a pool of abstinence and ignorance

(19 year old female)
I was only 11 when I first desires with older men
I would wear loads of makeup do my hair up and wear fancy adult clothes when I was only I 6th grade all the girls made fun of me calling me ugly,slutty,goth etc
Yet the boys the liked all came to me but I wasn't interested in wanted men not boys
I lost my virginity at 12 to an older man I felt gross hearing girls at my school making fun of women who enjoy s** but I craved more
I was 13 and I could pass for 18
girls would talk s*** about how I looked like a s*** and how they were saving they're selves for marriage but I didn't give a f*** I was so f****** happy but I felt wrong
Most girls talk about their futures becoming a mom and starting a family and stuff but I want to be a p*** star and be proud of it
During my freshmen year we talked about s** ed which was so uncomfortable and ignorant
They were talking about turning everyone abstinent until marriage and I this is what my work sheet looked like
Q:How would you convince a sexually active friend to become abstinent
My answer: I would educate them on the risks and advice them to use precaution,birth control and be tested as often as possible but I can't change human emotions,we are sexual species and as a true friend I would show I cared by educating them and advising them to be safe.
Teachers response: *come to my desk*
What is this?!
Me:my paper
Teacher: you're not justifying abstinence
Me:well this is how I feel about it Instead of scaring kids into not having s** you're better off educating them on the risks but also some people just want s** for example p*** sta-
Teacher-*shouts my name in discust
Me:what I'm just saying it's an honest profession everyone gets tested they use birth control but they don't care about emotional relationships yes it does feel different to be with someone you love and care about but that's not for everyone
If youre abstinent cool but don't shove it in everyone's face like you're some sort of hero"
He later wrote me up but that doesn't change my view points

Things I've done so far in my sexual life
?Double penetrated in p****
?2 girl 3some
?2 guy three some
?5 guys on me
?facial c** shots
?lesbian s**
But you know what?
I'm am an honor role student,I am birth control active,I get tested every two months,I work hard, I respect people if they respect me,I help put for those in need
And yet I am labeled as a horrible person
I don't see 95% of you "goodie goodie vanilla abstinent brains washers" doing anything to be a nice person yet you put yourself on a pedestal like you're a righteous hero

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  • I think its easy to be on the road then believe in god when none of your needs are being met. peoples whose needs are met more and they have love and friends and jobs and nice homes and a purpose and some income feel and believe in a god, its easier to when your getting all you need. but when your not you think there is no god because why would god abuse you and allow rapists and pedos to abuse me, right. and then blame me for what those persons decided to do to me. makes no sense. so if god loves he should give me what I want and need.

  • Preach it sistah

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