I am being raped by good angels and cant block them please tell m

I opened my third eye and i entered in to the spiritual world and gained some weird powers and abilities from it now the spirits there can communicate with me and i hear them talk clearly but some hurt me and i think 2 angels are raping me 

this is what happened i was lying in bed and the name gabriel popped up in to my mind then i thought that i don't know who he is and a thought your about to find out popped up in to my mind and i felt horrible pain like rape happening it shocked me and when i looked up the name i found out he is a good angel can good angels rape people?

the other name i heard in my mind was angel michael before i started getting raped again so far every christian site i told this story on has ban me and i am very scared its gonna happen again

i have also been made love to by a spirit who told me its name was satan his voice was very attractive and sound like it was dripping with l*** but he was not hurting me he started off trying to rape me at first but later on he returned and made slow love to me and there was not any pain but when i hear the

angels names in my mind i feel unbearable pain like rape and i keep asking stop but it does not stop it has been randomly happening daily and those are the only names i hear in my mind before it starts i am a virgin and scared one will get me pregnant


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  • And that kids, is what happens when you smoke weed every day.

  • This sounds more like religious fervor, which is what happens when a mentally unstable person goes all bible-y. It happens a lot.

  • I was going to say schizophrenia as well.

  • If this is true then tell me how you opened your third eye? And trust me i'll know if you're lying.

  • I am telling the truth

  • You didn't explain,how you opened your third eye!!! Explain away!!

  • Schizophrenia is awe-inspiring to behold.

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