Unusual s** game

I was with a girl whose ex boyfriend was in jail which he had been in and out of for most of his adult life. In jail he had learned to suck c*** and take it up the ass and when he was on parole he described his q**** s** to his girlfriend who got h**** as H*** when he described what he did.

While he was in jail she did prostitution on the side and she wanted me to pretend she was a man and I was in jail getting raped by her. She told me to eat he out on my knees while she stood up and kept telling me to do a better job of sucking. I did this and pretended to be sucking c*** instead of eating p****. She pushed my head into her v***** and told me to suck harder.

Doing a*** was difficult and it was me who ended up f****** her in her ass.

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  • My friend (name change), "Scott", did time twice, both times for probation violations. Nice guy, no decision-making skills. Anyway, his then-gf, "Mere", lived with him and relied on his pay for bills, so, when he went in, she was in trouble. Mere was a hot, slender blonde, very sexy and had this..Steamy air about her. Just wantable. And, more or less, not all that bright.

    Met her for drinks one night to talk about Scott and the mess, and she bluntly asked "Do you think guys would pay to have sx with me?", putting her sinewy, long fingers and chipped nail polish nails on my leg (Mere had a habit of chipping when nervous). Gave her my honest answer of absolutely yes, but, with people she knew or strangers. My view was, most guys she knew, friends, wanted to be all over her, so, why do strangers and not know what they'd do to her.

    She then told me had been offered money before (propositioned) by two of Scott's friends, in the name of "helping her out", and thought about it but wanted my opinion. Also wanted to know if I'd do it, too. Another yes.

    Mere made the rounds with a small group of us, maybe 5 or 6, for the four months Scott was inside, and, not only made bills, was able to stash enough to move. For a little bit, no joke..Some of the guys would talk about, literally, who'd get her next. We were fine with the money, since she was just so damn hot, knew she'd be leaving Scott as soon as he got out (which she did), and, since we all knew each other, Mere was getting fkd by clean guys.

    Whole thing worked quite well.

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