Groom f********* me

Ok so my friend got married last week and on morning before the wedding my friends future husband went awol and nobody could find him but i did! hes abit of an arsehole but he can be quite funny, anyway it was the same pre-marrage nerves etc got him back to the hotel and after and 2nd attempt to do i runner we all had him locked in the wedding suite and i went into visit him, check he aint climbed out the window or anything and i caught him wanking, all embarrissed he almost started crying again sayin he was trying to calm his nerves and before i knew what i was doing i was wanking him off! this then turned into me crouched on the floor in my bridesmaid dress, with him in his suit c*** out, him holding my head f****** my mouth till he came! he said thanks thats calmed my nerves and he went through the whole
wedding without a hitch, however im the s*** whos mouth he used for his pre marrage nerves!

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  • I can see how this makes you the s***. Next time you catch a man wanking just let him finish up by himself . if he needed help somebody would have been in there with him already. all you did was take advantage of opportunity.

  • I to was used by the future husband of my sister but he took me analy and filled my ass with his cu m.
    One month after they got married he came to visit me one Saturday and he ended up fuc king me again in my ass twice before he left, now it's a Saturday ritual, my sis says it's way to big for her and she don't let him take her that way, to me I love it and I would be lying if I said I didn't love it and I love it when he comes to visit me and he says he's never met a girl like me that can take all of him like I do and for some reason I do all 11 inches of him.

  • Bragg why dont you.

  • You're a guy lol I don't think a chick would know the exact inches

  • Oh my sis knows that he comes to visit me on Saturdays and she don't mind as long as he takes me that way only.

  • God, I'm so jealous of you. So so so so so totally jealous! I wish I was as bold as you! I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a big wedding in June (next month) and I have a seriously dirty crush on the groom even though he's one of my best friends fiancé. I want his d*** in me sooooooooo bad, you can't even imagine. I want it so bad that I even want him to knock me up. Repeatedly! I m********* thinking about all the filthy things that man would do to me, and all the babies he would give me. He is like 16 or more years older than all the girls in the wedding party and so sophisticated and seductive and sexy. I just want him all the time! I wish I could do what you did, and then do what it looks like your going to keep doing to your friends husband! I wish I wish I wish!!!!!

  • Mmmm that's so hot f*** him hard and fill you up. If I was your hubby I would be encouraging you.

  • Well i never had a crush on him till after he used my mouth as a cumdump! after that he is all i can think about,i saw him today, he back from the honeymoon with my friend, HIS WIFE! i need to find an excuse to have him on my own so i can have him!

  • I swear to God......the more I read from you the more jealous I get! I just know your going to have this man and he's going to belong to you. I mean he may stay married to your friend but I just know he's going to be your property. I think he's going to come to you for love and comfort and s** WAAAAAAY more often than he goes to her, he's going to think about you more than he thinks about her, he's going to love you more than her, and he's going to give you more of his c** than he gives her. All of this........Forever. And one more thing that I think will happen.......I really believe he's going to start fathering children for you. You will have his baby before she has one for him. And you will have MORE babies for him than she has for him. And he will love your children more than he loves hers. She will always suspect that he's with someone else, or maybe even with you, but she will never know. She will have a meaningless piece of paper that says she's his wife, but I think you already know.......YOU are going to be his real wife. Forever. I think what the two of you have is true love. And it's love the way love is supposed to be. Good luck! (And I am stiiiiiiiiiill sooooooo f****** jealous!!!!!)

  • I did it babe

  • Did u stand up the front the church with them?

  • Well ues it was a wedding

  • Yes

  • And with grooms s**** inside your stomach, so slutty

  • We all love women like you. And we all wish we had one!

  • I would totally divorce my wife and marry you, given half a chance.

  • Use him again for s**. Go around his house for NSA fun and threaten to tell his wife if he doesn't give it you. Get him to c** on your face. Did you spit or swallow?

  • The thought had crosses my mind! i swallowed as he gave me no choice, his d*** was halfway down my neck when he came! but if he had given me the choice i would have gulped it down anyway

  • Tell him you want to taste his c** again. Next time don't let him face f*** you - you take control, and w*** the c** out of him, onto your face and on your tongue. Then swallow the lot

  • The more i think about it the more i wana do it again and f*** him, its so wrong as he had just got married to MY friend but when he dis that to me it was so animalistic it was unreal, he wanted me and my mouth so he had my mouth!

  • Invite him round to your place and ask for a repeat performance. Did you like being used? Did it make you wet?

  • Well put it this way, when i left, when redoing my make up i had a big smile on my face! yea i did get rather wet, and yea i liked being used like that, even though all i could think of while he was doing it was "omg his d*** is in my mouth!, omg im such a s***"

  • That's good. You ARE a s***, letting your friend's future husband use you like a common w****. Get round there again and let him pound your p****

  • They are back from their honeymoon in two days! i really want to now!

  • Do it - go round , put his hand down your knickers and tell him there's unfinished business

  • Yea i need a f***!

  • Did he mess up your hair/make up? was it a sloppy b******?

  • Yes i had to redo my make up and hair as he messed them up, yea was abit sloppy as i had a spit stain on my dress all through the wedding

  • I had the same pre marriage nerves. I used my brides sister to calm me down

  • Im glad im not the only one, still feel bad though

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