Used her like a s***

I visites an old friend at her uni dorms last night, we are old childhood friends and had even fooled around in the past,but never slept together, the girl basicly friendzoned me, prob coz shes bery poshand from a middle class family where i am bery working class
so we went out, had meal few deinks etc and when we got back to her dorm she was telling how shes the only single girl in her dorm flat and shes getting abit of a rep with her one night stands, i told her dont worry about it enjoy yourself its not like your f****** loads men all at same time, she paused and then admitted to having three guys in her room and being really loud so all her room mates heard everything, after a few tears and hugs i had massive hardon in my jeans and she noticed! well that led to some very passonate snogging followed by he sucking my c*** real good! posh birds are dirty as f***, so i stripped her clothes off, well i made her keep some on coz its abit of a kink of mine and i f***** her so hard! after all last time she got f***** it was by three guys so i had to live up to that! she took my d*** so easy up her dirtbox, yet it was still tight round my d***! bending her over f****** her up the a*** as i pulled her hair i thought to myself, i aint in friendzone anymore! made her taste herself before shooting my stuff up her dirtbox and making her clean me up with her mouth, i wasnt done so i told her so, f***** her twice more that night 2nd time i cummed all over her slutty face wearing her designer glasses! didnt let her clean up before f***** her again, her expensive boots on my shoulder as i pounded her all over her bed slapping her tita till she came all over my d*** making me c** inside her! she loved it! served the b**** right for friendzoning me all thous yeara ago! hopefully i can f*** her again!

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  • Yea he did! he is talking about me! i am the posh b****!!! p****!!! yes what he was true but what he failed to mention was first time he came within minites 2nd time wasnt that great ether and the 3rd was ok when he could keep it up! haha sorry jason but if u guna write this stuff about me it had better be true!

  • JASON WARD!!!!! if you think for one minite that for one second, i thought you were bullshitting about telling the web and world about that! you p****! think again! why tell everyone this you b******!

  • Think someones got busted?

  • You put the rich b**** in her place?

  • If u mean f*** her in the ass while pulling her hair then yes

  • What was her whole outfit and what did u f*** her in and what order?

  • Well she was in tan leather jacket, lace top, short skirt, tights i ripped apart and with tan boots! started kissing her n took her jacket off then her top, she took her bra off while sucking me off, i ripped open her tights when i wanted to f*** her, knickers to the side all the way! she took her skirt off when she got up to ride my d***, in her ass!

  • Slutty boots?

  • Not really, classy sexy really

  • Next time, pull her hair and c** on her face. She will love it

  • I would but i dont think its guna happen again

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