I'm a s** addict and I pay for s**. A lot of s**.

When I was a pre-adolescent I used to m********* and even though I was unable to e******** I enjoyed it thoroughly. I fantasized about women and girls.

In high school I was known as a guy to watch out for on a date because of my touchy-feely nature which sometimes caused problems and sometimes didn't.

In my neighborhood an older woman approached me for s** and I happily gave it to her.

In college after reading about and hearing about college coeds getting male students in trouble because of s** I decided to skip the coeds and pay for it. If you don't date or associate with a college girl she shouldn't get you in trouble.

My wonderful and understanding father helped me pay for the prostitutes and used them himself.

From age 18 till now age 45 I had s** with white girls, black girls, asian girls and foreign girls who in some cases were not even supposed to be in the country.

The white girls were usually but not always local girls. I had s** with English and Irish girls paying their way through college via prostitution. Many of the white girls were f****** their way through college. I never had s** with a prostitute from my college but there were several of them.

I had s** with girls here in the states from Thailand, Cambodia, XCHina, Japan, The Philippines etc.

The black girls were from the Sudan, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Chad. Of course, there were many local pretty black girls too.

Rumanian girls when I was on a visit to Israel and Jewish girls in NYC.

I've spent a fortune on s**. I'm supporting five children two of them mixed race Asian and one of my daughters is half black South African.

I see no end in sight. Believe it or not I've never has an std.

May 15, 2016

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  • S**** you and your worthless kids you pathetic man. How sad what you men will pay for.

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