Yes you read the title correctly... Hmmm where shall I start?I HAVE NEVER BEEN RAPED OR ASSAULTED )

It's been about a year since I started having these... Obsessions or fantasy's. It started when I accidently saw p*** on the internet. It interested me and I started watching p*** hub on a daily bases.I became addicted.Unfortunately I had to stop because I was scared because I have strict parents and god knows what would happen if they found out! I was still curious about s** and my friends are older than me and they have their minds in the gutters. After a while I started looking up adult content on youtube and I learnt how to m********* and about sexual acts. I tried to go back to watching p*** again but my dad must have put a family setting on the internet to block inappropriate content. Because I had an addiction I had to find another way to cope with it. At school I found out about rape and became turn on by it. This turned into extreme obsession that feel that has got out of hand. I think about it everyday and night. I know that what Im feeling is wrong and I should go and see a doctor.

Its strange because people think I'm a innocent shy girl but nobody knows what the h*** goes through my head! Nobody really understands me. As I said before my parents are strict and I am never left home alone or allowed out after 4 because "That's when the bad people come out" my dad says. I might be thinking this because I'm lonely and I have never experienced love or my first kiss. (Yes's um a virgin). I feel trapped. It could be also to do with that I was having deep sexual thoughts before I even knew about s**. ( I was about 8). I already go on omegal and talk to strangers. I HAVE DREAMS ABOUT BEING RAPED AND KIDNAPPED!!But its annoying because I wake up before I'm raped or assaulted.

I am self conscious and when I'm walking to school I feel that men are looking at me. I am the prettiest in my friendship group and have have larger b**** than the average girl my age.( 36 f ) nd its hard to try to hide them with my school uniform because by blazer is too small for my chest. This makes my chest look even bigger :S Although I do like the,attention I I'm getting scared of Men because they stare at me through their cars ( especially taxi men!!!)

Please tell me what you think. Am I a s***? Or is it normal? If anyone can relate to this please comment.I know rape is not something I should be thing about at my age but I cant help my desires xxx

please talk to me ;)

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  • Adult filter. Just use Tumblr.

  • I used to think about it. I found a video that seemed like rape once, where an Asian girl seemed to be in pain and didn't look happy at all while two men f***** her. I felt sad when watching it and felt ashamed for even thinking of it. Rape is not okay. It's a horrible thing that you can never really comprehend unless you see it.

  • I have that fantasy about rape as well, and im a 14 year old boy. i would say it is normal because believe or not lots of people have the same problem about s**, and when they cant get it they think about the rape

  • Believe me hun you don't want to be raped, not even once. Kinky s** or even mulitble partners is ok if you're up to it even bondage but rape NO WAY.

  • You don't want to be raped you want kinky s** . rape is unwanted you obviously want s** . and I know I hate when men look at me like tf okay I'm a girl who has b****

  • You sound like fun, hit me up at carlosc1113@gmail.com

  • If anyone wants to talk ... just email me at sarahhearts936@gmail.com

  • Rape is not something that is WANTED. The whole definition of rape is s** that is UNWANTED. the fact that you want and desire it negates the whole thing. What you obviously crave is dominance and being tied up and kinky s***, which is totally normal. Being a virgin you havent had ANY experience so you dont even know what s** can be like (with mutual consent). Im certain you will find a guy that will give it to you in ways you could never even imagine. roleplay is something you might want to speak to your future partner about. Stay safe sweety. you're still young. lots to experience yet.

  • U need help u know who to come to;)

  • Rahul.roshan088@gmail.com
    Contact here ..I'll guide you

  • Just Pm me at my Fb account arellano.ge@yahoo.com

  • I would if my parents allowed me to have Facebook :/ I got gmail sarahhearts936@gmail.com

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