Incest and s** on my parents bed.

When I was 10 I had like pretend s** with my penetration at any time, but we laid on top of each other naked..... touch privates...... then, at 18, my friend was on the way to school, but she said she couldn't get there, and she was by my house and wanted to come over, and even though she had a boyfriend, we ended up making out, all while on my parents bed, then the next day we actually did it on the bed, but it didn't last for more than 7 minutes, and we did it like 7 more times after that, but mostly standing up, but in the room, next to the bed and what not, and no protection..... she would come over and we'd sleep in their bed early morning, till we both wake up and do it. Then we decided to stop it.... Then that next summer, I bought my girlfriend at the time home, and we were soooooo drunk because my friend just bought his first car, and we slept in our parents bed.... we didn't have actual s**, just a little bit of oral.... This was the same girl that forced me to have s** on her younger sisters bed......then there was this one more girl, she was older than me and I met her by my homies house one night....I got her number, then hit her up once. We picked her up before going out, and a few moments after picking her up, we were already getting to it in the back seat, then I told them to drop me off. We had s**, but only for 10 minutes, not even that. She had all kinds of s*** on her, I don't know, but when I went to bust in the bathroom, all kinds of red foam s*** was on me, it was weird as h***. Anyway, that was the last time, and I'm wondering If I'm just going to get murdered in some gigantic way somehow, maybe by my parents or something. It's the only thing holding me back in life, worried about that and still living with my parents at 26. I'm going to tell them, but maybe when I am more than a complete failure at life.

May 18, 2016

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